Experienced dog owners know that puppies hiccupOften. The reasons why a dog hiccup, a lot, but the most common lies in the malnutrition of the dog. How to feed a puppy properly, you can learn from the article How many times to feed a puppy.

If the puppy ate very quickly, chewed badly, swallowed the air, and the food was very dry, then hiccups often occur.

How to help the puppy cope with hiccoughs?

  • Give a drink of warm water, and then offer a piece of sugar.
  • If this does not help, then you can take the puppy by the front legs, so that he stands for some time in the rear.
  • If this did not help, then you can put a dog prick metoclopramide. You can do this yourself, if you have the skill.

All this should help if the reason whypuppy hiccups, is covered in nutrition. In this case, do not worry much, you just need to monitor the food of your pet. But we must remember that prolonged and frequent hiccough can cause a heart attack or be a symptom of more serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or central nervous system. Therefore, in such cases it is better to contact an experienced veterinarian.

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