Quite a few are breeding pet rabbits as pets. At first they are very timid and distrustful of their new masters. Therefore, it is so important to know how to tame a rabbit.

Taming a rabbit

For a rabbit to become tame, he needsregularly pay attention. In the early days, you should not try to take it in your arms. Better communicate through the grid cells. Talk to him and, if possible, iron hair. When the rabbit comes closer, give him some treat, for example, a piece of apple or carrot.

A few days later the rabbit will get used to yourpresence and attention, and therefore, will behave more calmly. Do not waste time, open the cage and take the pet in your arms, but do it right. Do not drag it out of the mink for ears, this will cause you pain, and also damage the muscles and membranes. Grasp the chest of the rabbit with your hand, gently lift it and press it against you. You can immediately start to iron it, but do it according to the growth of the fur coat - from the head to the tail.

Rabbit training

Many rabbit owners eventually starttrain. The first step is to teach the pet to respond to his name. To do this every day, refer to him by his nickname and show him a treat, so that he runs up to you. After 1-2 weeks of regular training, you will be able to achieve excellent results.

Then you can start to train the rabbit jumping. Plant it in front of the hoop, and then hold the treat for it. Then wait until the pet jumps over the hoop and treat him for it. Repeat this lesson until the rabbit becomes clear what the master requires of it. Similarly, you can teach him how to do the rack, push the ball with a nose and jump over obstacles.

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