Give the name of the parrot is not as easy as it seems onfirst glance. We must take into account the characteristics of birds, and I do not want to give such hackneyed names as Gosh, Kesha, Dasha, Masha, etc. Today we will tell you how to name a parrot and what to consider when choosing a nickname for it.

How to name a parrot: tips

Non-speaking parrots can be given any name in thedepending on your preferences. If a parrot says, then you, for certain, hope that he can pronounce his name. Follow simple advice, and soon your parrot will say his name

  • The name should not be long or double, it is better to limit the name to 6 letters. The exception is the Jaco parrots, which are able to reproduce long speech speed.
  • Try to have hissing sounds in the name of the pet, and also C, K, R - these sounds are easier for parrots to reproduce. From vowels to parrots, the following sounds work well: A.I, E, E.
  • There are sounds that birds pronounce with difficulty, and they should be avoided in the name. For example, the sounds: N, M, L. Some species of parrots can not pronounce the sounds of C, Z.
  • If you want to give a purely feminine or masculinename, then you must be sure that it is the female or male before you. And sometimes it is very difficult to do this. In this case, you can give a neutral name, such as Quillie, Mickey, Laurie, etc.
  • Try to keep your parrot's name from being similar to that of other family members or pets.
  • If the parrot has some features of appearance or behavior, then you can give a nickname or a joking nickname associated with this feature of the bird. For example: Grumbling, Shalong, Zipper, etc.
  • We offer you several names for the parrot boy: Alf, Cupid, Johnny, Zeus, Jacques, Georges, Carlo, Casper, Prince, Pierce, Charlie, etc. Read more in the article How to name the boy parrot.
  • Here are a few options for how to call a girl-girl parrot: Vita, Dana, Jeanne, Rita, Rimma, Rosa, Christie, Zita, Geeta, Dita, etc. More names you can find in our article How to call a parrot girl.
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