Cats are very peculiar creatures. And they also approach the choice of the toilet in their own way. Of course, most pets go to the toilet on the tray. But some do it hard. They choose for the toilet places such as shoes, pillows, etc. The animals themselves, because of their natural characteristics and character traits, can not learn to go to the toilet on the tray. Therefore, it is necessary to help them cope with this task.

Accustoming cats to the tray

How to accustom the cat to the tray? Here you need to focus on the sensations of cats:

  1. Determination of the place. If a cat goes to the toilet at one place in the house, then you can put a tray in the same place.
  2. Sensation of smell. Strangely enough, if a cat has cared for a thing, then you need to put this thing in the tray.
  3. Do not use air fresheners. The mixture in the tray and so in itself blocks the smell, and the freshener only confuses the cat. She must understand that this is her place. Extraneous odors can scare her away.

In these cases, you must be patient. Perhaps a cat not from the first time will understand what they want from her. But eventually she will learn how to walk on the tray.

Tips for training cats to the tray

Some people are afraid to take a pet into the house, since it is not an easy task to train a cat to the tray. In order to better cope with this problem, you need to know a few tricks:

  • You must select a convenient tray. It should match the size of the cat, and not have sharp corners. As the cat grows, the tray can be replaced.
  • Choose the correct filler. You may have to go through several options, so it's better to buy filler in small packs.
  • Place the cat in the tray after eating. In connection with the peculiarities of digestion, cats go to the toilet when there is little time after eating.
  • First time to watch the animal. If the cat gives signs that it is going to fix the need - then immediately put it in the tray, but try not to scare. Signs that the cat is going to go to the toilet is a characteristic pose or digging movements.
  • Limit the habitat of the cat room, with the tray within its visibility. Instead of the room you can use the corridor - the result will not be long in coming.
  • Encourage your pet. Every time after the toilet give him a favorite treat, so he learns to walk faster on the tray.

Features of cats

When accustoming the pet to the tray, it is worth consideringhis age - kittens are more quickly trained to walk in the tray than adults. Therefore, adult cats should be treated with greater understanding, and try not to punish, if for a while they do not cope with the need where necessary. Otherwise, cats can remember the offense, and will specifically go to the toilet not in the tray. Remember that unlike dogs, cats and cats are vindictive. More details on how to teach you how to walk into the kitten's tray and take care of it can be found in the article How to take care of a kitten.

Also it is necessary to consider what kind of breed the cat has. The nature of the pet depends on the breed. For example, Persian cats are a bit lazy and slow to think. And cats of Siamese breed - well think, are active, but very wayward. The most complaisant nature is in domestic courtyards cats.

Do your cats still shit? Then you should read the article How to disaccustom the cat.

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