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What to buy a kitten?

The appearance of a pet in the house should be carefully prepared. About what to buy for a new tenant in the first place, we will now tell.

Top 3 things you need for a kitten

  • Tray. Take the medium-sized tray - the animal will grow rapidly, and a small capacity will become inconvenient for him.
  • Filler for the tray. You can buy inexpensive absorbent filler based on zeolites. In contrast to the clumping composition of bentonite clay, it does not so strongly adhere to the tray and blade, and therefore easier to remove.
  • Bowls for food and water. It is worth to initially buy a kitten capacity, which will suit an adult animal. It is better to give preference to hypoallergenic materials - ceramics, glass.

In addition, you need to buy a kitten carrying,which will be irreplaceable when transporting the animal. Here, again, be guided by practicality and take the product "for growth". If you want, you can buy a small cozy house for kids, a game complex, a comb, shampoo. If you are going to walk him on the street, you will need a reliable collar with a leash. Also, do not forget about the various vitamins and feed prescribed by the veterinarian and, of course, toys.

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