The dog's behavior can be understood by her movements,muzzle and voice. It is very important to correctly interpret the signals of the dog. This will help to communicate with her correctly and to react to her behavior. Let's find out how the dog behaves in a calm and aggressive state.

The dog is calm

If the dog is calm, then she looks friendly,pupils are not dilated. At the same time, she can wave her tail - this is the brightest sign of friendly behavior. In addition, the dog does not grind its teeth or growl, its fur is not reared. A calm dog can simply not react to you and do his own business.

Dog is aggressive

How does the dog look aggressive? The eyes of the aggressive animal seem somewhat larger than in the ordinary state, and the pupils will be enlarged. Such a dog can look with tension. A dog's direct and gaze is most often threatening.

The aggression is also evidenced by the fact that the dogDo not look into your eyes, but watch your movements. This behavior is different from the behavior of a resting dog, which opens its eyes to take you by a look - on vacation the dog is calm.

The most important sign is bared teeth. He clearly says that the dog is aggressive. In this case, the animal can grow like a roar. If the dog is very angry, the lobes of the nose will be turned up and pinched, the ears will be lowered.

Characteristic for aggressive dogs and uprootingwool on the back and withers. As soon as the dog sees the opponent, the wool will stand on end for five seconds. But if aggression is not very pronounced, the wool will begin to rise only after thirty seconds. And all the time, while the animal shows aggression, the wool will stand upright. Of course, if the dog is long-haired, it will be difficult to notice the raising of the coat.

So, an aggressively tuned dog can be identified by the following signs:

  • Fangs are visible;
  • The ears are lowered;
  • Around the eyes are formed folds;
  • The muzzle is slightly lowered;
  • Look straight and solid;
  • The nostrils are upturned;
  • Wool on the withers and back is puffed up;
  • The dog does not bark, but growls;
  • The tail slightly trembles and is lifted up;
  • The front legs are widely spaced in the dog;
  • The dog crouches;
  • Look closely;
  • Looks in the eyes.

What if you've met an aggressive dog?

First of all, do not look the dog in the eyes. The fact is that in the animal world, a close look into the eyes means a threat and an application for leadership. It turns out that in this way you threaten the dog. Looking dog in the eyes, you declare that you are the leader and the animal must obey you. Naturally, the dog does not like it, and the dog can pounce on you.

If you saw on your way an aggressive dog,better look away and calmly go on. Do not swing your arms, do not turn your back to the dog, do not run away and do not fuss. Do not show your fear. It is necessary to be calm.

Aggression is a property that is necessary for self-defense. Therefore, your behavior should mean that you are not going to attack and the dog does not need to be defended. Then she will not attack you.

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