Sometimes in the suburban area there are uninvitedguests are bees. Honey bees are usually not aggressive toward people, but they also have periods of militant mood. Their wild brethren behave much more hostile and can significantly spoil the rest. The following guidelines will help you understand how to get rid of bees.

Ways to get rid of neighbor bees

If neighbor bees have visited you, and someone from the household is susceptible to allergy to bites or you are afraid of them for other reasons, try to get rid of neighbor's bees.

  1. Talk to the neighbor-beekeeper. Let him fence his site with a fence 2-3 meters in height. Fly over the fence in search of pollen, bees will not fly over the heads of people and the risk of being stung will significantly decrease. If this is not possible, ask to bring the apiary to the fields / meadows. This is the standard practice of beekeepers, who do not have enough fodder near the house. The apiary is also taken out to get the required honey varieties.
  2. Bees do not really like the scent of lavender and lemon balm. Plant these plants on your site, and your territory will quickly lose their attraction for them.
  3. In the shops you can meet special traps for bees. Among them there are very nice samples that will help not only solve the problem with insects, but also decorate the site.

If you tried all the methods and you can not get rid of neighbor bees, and the beekeeper does not go to contact, contact the law enforcement authorities, or file a neighbor with a court.

Getting rid of wild bees

You noticed that wild bees have settled on your site, and this fact does not please you at all. There are several ways to help you get rid of them.

  1. If you have a beekeeper next door, talk to him. Perhaps he will not mind taking the insects to his apiary. Or, for a stipulated fee, he will take the bees away from your site.
  2. Do you have anyone in the neighborhood does not deal with bees? Use the Internet to find beekeeping forums. Perhaps someone will volunteer to help you or share your advice. There are services that specialize in the destruction of various insects, including bees. Contact them and ask them to fix the problem.

Doing something for the unprepared personnot worth it. Inept treatment of bees will provoke their mass aggression. Mother nature has made it so that during the bite the bee secretes specific substances that further irritate the other bees and provoke them to attack. Numerous bee stings - this is incredibly dangerous, in rare cases up to a lethal outcome.

Destruction of earth bees

There are species of bees that settle in the burrows - these are earthen bees.

  1. If you decide to get rid of earthen bees on your own, then cook 5 liters of boiling water and a teapot, and preferably a hose.
  2. Find the hole of the mink and start slowly pouring boiling water. Water can go a lot.
  3. It is necessary to observe the rule: it is better to pour than not to add. Otherwise, you will then have to deal with the surviving relatives of the deceased.
  4. Doing this procedure is best with the onset of the evening, when the whole family is already preparing for bed. If you start your actions in the day, you can expect an attack from the air.

Combating bees is a difficult and dangerous task. Before taking any action, it is best to get professional advice.

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