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How to make a cage for quail

Many summer residents dream that onceto have a bird at home. But, as you know, every living being needs his own house. Our article will tell you how to make a cage for quail. A good cage can be made from improvised materials without spending a lot of money and time on it.

Making a house for quail

Immediately note what is more appropriate to doThe cage is not for one bird, but for a whole pack. When collecting cells, you need to observe the following parameters (below are the exact dimensions you can orient to):

  • 30 individuals of the quail should fit in one cage;
  • The length of the ideal cell should be 100 cm, and the width of 40 cm;
    Cage for quail
  • The height of the back and front wall will be 20 and 25 cm, respectively;
  • The grid to be used should consist of 12x12 mm cells (so that the birds do not fail);
  • The thickness of the wire can range from 0.9 mm to 2 mm;
  • You also need to take care of collecting quail eggs. The angle of the shelf for assembly will be from 8 to 10 degrees;
  • The protuberance of the egg-box is 7-10 cm (we do not forget to build skirts so that the eggs do not fall out);

Cell assembly

How to make a cage for quails at home? It is necessary to take the following steps:

  • The main element of the construction of the future cell is a galvanized steel network coated with a polymer. It is necessary to make a blank with dimensions of 105x70 cm;
  • Two side walls are also cut out from the main roll of the net and are 30X30 cm;
  • From the main workpiece manually bend the mesh as follows: height of the rear wall - 14 cm, height of the front - 16 cm, width of the workpiece - 30 cm. The rest of the net will be intended for the collection of eggs.
  • If you want the corners of the walls to turn outstrictly 90 degrees, then you can use this method: take two solid boards and connect them with hinges at some distance. Between the boards put the mesh and
    perform the bend manually. This technique will make it possible to make a more stable design.
  • Now we need plastic clamps. They are necessary for fixing the side walls (work pieces of 30 cm) to the main workpiece. We carry out this fastening;
  • Now it is necessary to bend the egg collection, provided that its height is at least 3 cm;
  • The floor of the resulting blank should be laidAn additional grid with smaller cells. This improvised floor must be connected to the base of the cage by metal staples. This will make the whole structure more rigid. Staples can be cut out of galvanized iron.
  • On top of the cage, you need to cut out the door.
  • The side walls of the quail cell shouldserve as support for the entire structure. Such a configuration will allow to put a litter collection under the cage. It can be made by own hands and, in principle, from any improvised materials. It can be a fiberboard, a plywood, and even an ordinary wooden rack.
  • Do not forget to processa collection of litter with antiseptic solutions. If this is not done, then soon after use it will produce an unpleasant smell, which, in part, will affect the health of the birds in the cage.

We told you about the most common modelcells for quails. We strongly recommend that you try to make this cage yourself, as the price for it in some stores reaches 2000 rubles. Why overpay if the self-assembly costs you only in the cost of galvanized sheet mesh?

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