Each of us loves pets. Someone likes dogs, someone breeds fish or parrots at home. Today we will talk about cats. They are different: long-haired, short-haired, lazy or active. And each has its own character. But with confidence we can say that they all love affection and attention.

How to iron a cat properly

  • First of all, it should be noted that you should not iron a cat if she does not want it. The animal will not get any pleasure from this. As a rule, the cat itself will decide when it can be stroked.
  • Put your palm on the cat's head and gently guide your arm to the back. Go back to the starting position and repeat this several times.
  • Stroke the cat slowly slow smooth movements.
  • Give your cat as much as possible of your attention,allocate for this at least twenty minutes a day. The animal can be picked up, put on its knees, gently patted over the wool. The cat immediately answers you with a thankful purr, squeezes the eyes and begins to stroke the front paws.
  • The cat will be pleased if you stroke it in the ears, since the ears and the muzzle are the most sensitive zones of the animal. You can also scratch the cat by the ear, stroke her neck.
  • Do not stroke the cat against the coat. She will not like it. Stroke her gently along the fur from head to tail.
  • When the cat is relaxed, she does not like to be ironed in the abdominal area.
  • Sometimes it happens that the cat itself can rub against your legs, face or hands. That is, you can give the cat an opportunity to stroke herself.
  • When stroking, you can use a specialbrush or carding. This will bring the cat joy, and your house will save you from excess fluff and wool. Thanks to the brush, the animal will have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance.

Now you know how to iron your pet properly!

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