Snakes are one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Their bite can be fatal if the snake is poisonous, and can cause simply unpleasant and painful sensations, but such a damage will not have a danger to life. It refers to snakes that are not poisonous, that is, whose bite does not bring the obvious harm to human life. Although it is worth noting that the pain from the bite of this snake is strong enough.

How to recognize a horror: a general characteristic

In the question of how to learn the horror, will help himcolor and some features of the structure. The size does not grow more than 50 centimeters. On the body of the horror there is an original drawing in the form of a triangular figure. Already inhabits most often near the ponds, because it needs moisture and water. If you saw a horror, do not approach it closely, even if it looks dead. A feature of this snake is the ability to pretend. If he feels danger, he pretends to be dead, and with an obvious threat produces an unpleasant smell.

In order to know how to distinguish horror from otherssmall snakes, pay attention to its color. Namely on the yellow spots located on the sides on the head and below. Such a drawing of a snake has in the area of ​​the supposed ears, as well as in the area of ​​the belly. It is the yellow marks that are the main distinguishing feature of the horror. The abdomen is darker than the color of the back, has a light gray hue. It is also not poisonous, which distinguishes it from other snakes. But not all types of snakes have spots of yellow color, some, for example, melanists, completely dark, do not have spots and stripes.

Although there really is not much difference in coloring withViper, it can still be distinguished from this snake. How to distinguish horror from a viper? Pay attention to the size of the snake. If you are facing a reptile more than 50 centimeters long, it is definitely an adder, as the snakes do not exceed these sizes. The Viper can grow from 70 centimeters, and the maximum size is more than one meter. If the bite of a horror does not pose a particular danger, the poison of a viper can deprive a person of life if he does not seek qualified help in time.

Of course, only to rely on your knowledge of snakes is not enough anyway, because everyone can make a mistake. Therefore, in case of a bite of any snake should be as soon as possible to see a doctor!

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