Do not underestimate the role of feed in the processbreeding guppies. Because of its diversity depends on getting a brighter and healthier offspring. Therefore, the question what to feed the guppies is very important not only for beginners aquarists, but also for seasoned fish lovers.


Guppics are freshwater viviparous fishes. This is the most popular and the most unpretentious aquarium fish (you can meet even in the Moscow River). Males of this species have a beautiful and bright coloration, different in form and form, the upper fins and tails. To keep them, do not necessarily need an aquarium, quite enough banks. For breeding, one female and a pair of males, good nutrition and warm water (240). If you do not want to breed, buy only males or lower the water temperature to 180. In food these fish are not whimsical and omnivorous, but a good and varied food makes their coloring brighter, the fish are more active, multiply well.

What to feed

It should be alternated dry and live food. As dry use ready-mixed (Tetraguppi, Daphnia, Gamarus). But this is not the main food, but an addition. The main thing is to become a living food. This is suitable for: small bloodworm, artemia or daphnia, etc. Just for a change, you can prepare a sea cocktail. For this, we take mussels, shrimps, squid, sea fish fillets, duckweed, nettles, salad. We grind, divide into small portions (fish at a time) and freeze. What to feed the guppy fry? It should start with dry mixtures of fine grinding, specially produced for this. They include artemia, ciliates, rotifers. As the growth increases, the granules of mixtures and live feeds are introduced. In winter, when it is problematic to get live food, you can feed finely stratified beef, chopped liver, cooked and mashed egg yolk. From herbal products: fresh, scalded with boiling water or dried leaves of lettuce, nettle, parsley, sea kale.

How much to feed the guppies

Do not give a lot of food at a time. The stomachs of guppies are small, so they eat little. In 20 minutes. remove the remnants of food, otherwise the water will become turbid. Young growth is fed 5 times a day. Fish older than 1-2 times. Of course, it's not unimportant how many times to feed guppies, but more important than. A lot depends on the right diet: growth, reproduction, coloring, longevity, fin forms. Remember this.

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