In the modern animal world, there area little less than 250 different kinds of sharks. Of this species diversity, only 27 species can attack a person. Among them, lemon shark, tiger shark, hammer-fish, white shark. Many people are interested not only what they eat, but also how the shark eats.

What do sharks eat?

The most innocuous for a person, as it isstrangely, is a giant whale shark, feeding on small marine animals. The main food for these predators are mainly shrimps, lobsters, crustaceans and vertebrates. They also feed on birds, dolphins and turtles. Some species of sharks can eat their relatives.

There are a lot of documentary evidence that,How sharks eat people. However, it should be noted that no shark attacks a person as a means of feeding. Experts-ichthyologists say that predators can attack a person only in two cases: when an invasion of a shark protected area occurs, or in case, for some reason, ordinary food becomes inaccessible for a shark.

The shark's mouth is located on the undersidehead. If the predator is under water, then it eats, without changing its position. And in order, for example, to grab the prey on the surface, she has to turn over on her back.

Teeth in the jaws of the shark are arranged in rows, insome cases in one row there are up to a thousand. Different types of sharks of such rows number from 4 to 20. The teeth themselves are supplied with muscles and immersed in the gums. If the first row falls, then the rear row moves in its place. Newborn sharks already have a full set of teeth in their mouth, and they can bite. For example, a tiger shark in ten years of its life can use and lose up to 25 thousand teeth.

How sharks attack

Near his alleged victim, a sharkcircling for a long time before deciding to approach it for a decisive strike. Very often shark flocks become irritated to such an extent that they can eat everything in their path. The main thing is that the more the flock does it, the sharper the sharks become. In this state, everything that can be eaten - paddles, boats, cans, rubber car tires, can be eaten. Scientists call it hungry rabies. In this state, even the weakest and smallest sharks represent a real danger.

How do sharks prey - sea foxes. The jaws of this predator are relatively weak, and the teeth themselves are small. Therefore, the sea fox uses its tail to extract food, which it deafens the fish in order to swallow it without swallowing. It feeds on small fish such as mackerel and herring.

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