Geese breeding, with properly designedplan of care, the matter is simple and profitable. Geese should be planted on a farm or in their own garden, if he has a lot of greenery and a pond. Geese are unpretentious birds and do not require special care. Meanwhile, geese give feather raw materials and a few pounds of meat. So, breeding geese as a business, a good income opportunity with the sale of meat, or a large live goose. Also, geese grow very quickly, after 8-9 weeks, the goose grows into an adult bird. If you seriously decided to do geese cultivation for business or meat purposes, then read about all the nuances in our article.

Let's say you decided to grow geese, and alreadyyou know that you will build your own business. Where do I start? Where and how to grow geese? Of course, geese need somewhere to buy. Select the supplier and prepare the room. Here's what you need to do first. There are several dozens of geese: Chinese, Kuban, white, gray. In general, what kind of grow yourself. The main thing is that all birds should be vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian. The room in which geese will live should be warm, dry, well ventilated, without drafts.

The content of geese

The breeding and keeping of geese in the first weeks of theirlife is possible on the floor or in cages. After three weeks, you can let the geese out of the cells for a walk. If the number of birds is small, then you can use ordinary iron cages with insulation. In each cell should be settled on 10-15 goslings, place a vacuum drinker there. On the width of the entire cage, you need to attach a feeder so that each gosling can approach it. The depth of the cage should not be more than 50 centimeters. To purchase goslings, which will bring only good, you need to pay attention to the following factors. Choose:

  • Movable goslings, with convex, shining eyes, with good plumage.
  • The goslings respond to the sound, with a soft belly.

Geese care involves a lot offactors. It is necessary to adhere to the temperature regime, the light regime, a certain level of humidity, observe the rules of air exchange. As for the temperature, during the first three weeks, when the ducklings are still young, they need a lot of heat. The temperature in this period is better to maintain at a level of 29-30 degrees. Then, when the age of the ducklings is close to 3-5 weeks, the temperature can be lowered to 22-20 degrees. If you use any local heaters or greenhouses, then inside the cells the temperature should be about 30 degrees, while the room temperature is allowed at 26 degrees.

At the age of 4-9 weeks, the temperature can be up to20 degrees, after 12 weeks you can lower the temperature to 14 degrees. If the weather worsens, increase the temperature, as the birds feel drafts and wind. What temperature should be in a cage, geese can prompt by their behavior. Watch their movements. For example, if birds cringe, curl up, the temperature for them is low, they lack the heat. If geese are mobile, eat well and go in small groups, the temperature in the cage is optimal. When the goslings are hot and you need to lower the temperature, they start to make sounds and constantly drink water. As for lighting, during the first 2-3 weeks of life goslings, the illumination in the cells should be constant, not less than 20 hours per day. Then you can shoot gradually, and by 12 weeks, the lighting should be no more than 14 hours a day.

Geese for meat

Feeding and gushing of geese is very important if you focus on growing geese for meat. Feeding goslings can be a variety of foods. It is best to buy:

  • Wheat and corn flour.
  • Soybean meal and cake.
  • Meat, fish and herb flour.
  • Fodder yeast and a variety of greens.
  • Dandelions, nettles, carrots, parsley.

In the first weeks of life you can feed the ducklingscottage cheese, boiled eggs and whey. Naturally, all feed should be of good quality and fresh. Feed the goslings to begin immediately, as soon as you transport them to the cells. You can start with dry food, make different mixtures. You need to feed 6-7 times a day. To increase appetite and give strength to goslings, you can add vitamin C to the water, one drop per liter of water. Gusiat, after one week of existence, it is already possible to add more solid food to the diet.

The breeding of domestic geese, impliesis that the birds will not be able to independently look for food, so that until the goose grows and grows in an enclosure or enclosure, you must feed and water them yourself. Adult geese eat up to 2 kilograms of grass a day. The best variant of a forage, it is possible to name the mixed feed which contains all necessary mineral substances. If you do not have the opportunity to buy mixed fodder for geese, mix different flour, carrots, grated peas and make a mixture yourself. In the pet stores you can buy various vitamins and supplements in the feed. Feeding geese usually begin in August. By this time, the goose gains up to 4 kg of meat. In the last 10 days of fattening geese, it is necessary to feed steamed grain 4-6 times a day. 15 days before you want to score geese, you have to stop releasing them for a walk. Leave them in a warm place so that they retain their plumage.

Slaughtering the goose

To score geese is necessary at the age of 70-75 days. It is during this time that the goose reaches its maximum weight, up to 4 kilograms. Further, with the subsequent growth, the goose carcass is spoiled, as it begins to drop the feathers and stops growing. If you do not have time to score geese at this age, then you need to wait until the goose reaches the age of 120 days. In this case, the goose will change its plumage. But this is practical, and financially it is not profitable, since you will need to continue feeding geese. After the goose outgrows age in 70 days, the weight of the goose will not change, but only the amount of fat in the carcass will increase.


In such a case, as breeding geese, it is not importantonly feeding, nursing and living conditions. It is also necessary to prevent various diseases. Because, if the goslings become ill, they will not give such good meat, and the interval of their growing will increase. Therefore, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the room where geese live clean.
  • Carry out disinfection of the walls.
  • Ventilate the room.
  • You can pour lime onto the floor of the room.
  • Vaccination against infectious diseases should be carried out 2-3 times.
  • Once a month, but better 2-3 times, adult geeseit is necessary to carry out the following preventive procedure: in the corner of the garden or the room where geese grow, it is necessary to make a depression, then add pure sand and fodder sulfur. This is necessary for geese to bathe in this mixture and get rid of feather parasites. Geese, infected with parasites, are not good at gaining weight.

In a simple way, you can grow geese, and I hope our article will help you in this matter.

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