Those who want to take a dog home are often askedthe question at what age it is better to take a puppy. There is an opinion that if you take a puppy very thin - at the age of 4 weeks, it can be raised "for yourself", since in this case the puppy will consider his leader to be the person who fed. However, I must say that this opinion is incorrect. And, taking a puppy at that age, you risk his life. The fact is that at the age of the month the puppy already eats feed, but still sucks mother's milk and is very dependent on the mother. Taking such a crumb, you will have to replace his mother and almost all the time to be near the puppy, feeding him 7-8 times a day.

It is much better to take a puppy after a month and a half. At this age the puppy is already more independent, he already eats himself. It is at this age that thoroughbred puppies are made out of documents, since in the toddlers breed qualities are already visible.

However, pedigreed puppies often find their ownthe owners later - in 2-3 months. By this time the puppies are already completely independent, strong, as they were fed on mother's milk. At 3 months they have already made all the vaccinations. It is at this moment that it is best to take the puppy from the breeder.

Talking about the age of a puppy,should be said that with any puppy a lot of trouble. And, the smaller the baby, the more trouble. And if you are not ready to tolerate the leprosy of your four-legged friend, you can buy a pod puppy - 4-6 months, and possibly older.

As for getting used to a person - 2-3 monthspuppies are getting used to the new master very well, older puppies get used a little slower, because they already have their own character. But at this age dogs do not have hardened habits and you will easily achieve mutual understanding with your pet.

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