Cockatoo - the most amusing of all parrots, excellentsuitable for home maintenance. These birds are very affectionate and sociable, attach themselves to the owners, consider themselves to be members of the family. Very quickly adopt and begin to repeat human speech, as well as sounds produced by domestic animals.

Cockatoo prices

Those who are going to buy a chick are interested,how much is a cockatoos. The bird is expensive. Depending on the type of chickens, the cockatoo can cost from 1 to 4 thousand dollars. If you are offered a chick for $ 300, look for a dirty trick! Hence, either it is not the kind of parrot for which it is issued, or the bird is initially sick, will not live long.

Where to buy?

The most wrong way is to buy a cockatoo on"The bird market". There are special nurseries where these birds are bred, fed from the hands, accustomed to communicate with a person. Sell ​​chicks already ringed. Together with the bird from the kennel you get all the veterinary documents.

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