Dachshunds are persistent and self-confident dogs,which have a low set oblong body with short paws. This breed is distinguished by a living temper, and also by sufficient courage and speed. What is necessary for the care and training of this dog, how to bring up the dachshund in modern conditions?

Caring for the dachshund

When you acquire a puppy of any breed, youshould be prepared for the fact that he will need strict care, especially in the first months of life. Naturally, you will have to make the dog all the necessary vaccinations from the veterinarian, and also properly feed the animal and take care of it. So, how to care for the dachshund?

  • Vaccinations for dachshunds. As soon as the puppy of the dachshund stops sucking mother's milk (this occurs at week 6), he needs to have the first vaccination. If the veterinarian will give you several vaccinations, then they need to be done at intervals of 2-3 weeks. When the dachshund becomes an adult, the vaccine will need to be done annually, but do not forget that vaccination does not give an absolute guarantee of safety.
  • Caring for the dachshund. If you want to know how to take care of a dachshund puppy, then you should understand that the complex care of this dog breed will include the following points:
    • wool (long-haired dachshund brush, and smooth coat wipe with a towel);
    • claws (prune them very carefully so as not to touch the soft tissues);
    • eyes (daily remove the secretions and crusts from the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in tea brew);
    • ears (as far as contamination, clean the ears with a cotton swab dipped in boric alcohol);
    • teeth (if the dachshund does not have all the milk teeth, they will need to be removed from the specialist, as well as with the formation of tartar, buy a special toothpaste for tooth cleaning or go to the vet).
  • Be sure to wash the rate twice a montha special shampoo, and if she has ticks or fleas, then contact the veterinarian. Experienced breeders in advance acquire for their pet special collars against fleas and ticks. Since the spine is considered the most vulnerable point of the dachshund, try to avoid loading on the back, do not pull it by the front paws and head, do not make it stand on its hind legs and do not let it jump.
  • Meals are included. The daily intake of the dachshund should contain 50% of vegetables and 40% of meat, so the vet should choose the most optimal food that will meet these parameters. How to feed a dachshund puppy? Childhood taxes lasts only 10 months, so during this time, try not to overfeed the dog, so as not to provoke her obesity. In adult condition, the dog should be fed twice a day with a special food for dogs of small sizes with high digestibility of food. Usually dachshunds live about 12 years, so in the last years of life, try to keep the dog strong health, limiting the consumption of phosphorus and increasing the addition of vitamins E and C, as well as fatty acids.

Training dachshunds

Training dachshunds will be very usefulfor a dog, but on the way to perfection this breed of dogs constantly shows its own character. It's never worth playing with a dachshund in aggressive games, since being provoked. she can easily forget herself and even bite her master. At training it is necessary to be reserved by huge patience: many animals can sometimes refuse to execute commands absolutely without any visible reason. So, how can I train a dachshund? There are the following mandatory skills for the dachshund, vaccinated and other dogs:

  • Dachshunds, like any other dog, mustrespond to his nickname. To accustom to the name the dog is necessary since the childhood, using usual delicacy. Step away from the dachshund for some distance, call her by name, and when she comes up to you, encourage her with a delicacy.
  • How to accustom the dachshund to the toilet? At first, you will come across the fact that the dog will cope with its need directly to the floor, so try to accustom it for a while to the tray. To do this, keep the dog in the tray until she does all her business, then encourage her with a treat, thereby developing a stubborn reflex to the tray. From three months the dog can be taken to the street, but try to walk in quiet places at first, so as not to frighten the puppy.
  • Never let the dachshund jump to you onhands, and also pick up on the street all sorts of mucks. To do this, she must accustom to the commands "impossible" and "fu" from birth, in order to quickly understand their master on the street.
  • The dachshund must perform various general commands("Lying", "voice", "sitting", "to me"), which are fixed by constant training both at home and on the street. When training, first with a clear voice, voice the command, and then, when the dog understands what you want from it, and does what you want, encourage it with a delicacy.

Dachshund is a born hunter

Since the dachshund is a hunting dog,any host should develop hunting skills in it. This can be done in normal conditions (in the country, in nature) on its own, or you can go with a special rate of field training at the stationing stations with the subsequent receipt of a certificate. When your dachshund is 7 months old, take it with you to nature and show the burrows of different animals. The dachshund admirably feels the beast, and having felt the hunting excitement, will begin to bark and search for the beast. These dogs, thanks to their oblong body, can climb into any fox, rabbit or badger hole, and some even hunt for a squirrel and bring the shot bird out of the water.

If you can not develop in a doghunting skills, carry it to a dressing station, where experienced experts will acquaint her with burrows and beasts. As a rule, burrows are made by an artificial method (in the form of the letter "P" or the number "8"), and the beast is only a horseman from an enclosure. First, the dachshund will be introduced to the beast, then it will be given to her to walk behind him in a hole of several circles, and in the end they will teach to expel the beast from the burrow. To dogs such trainings are very useful, besides they receive from them great pleasure, and the most successful even participate in competitions.

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