Dogs can do many things: give paws, bark, bite, run, and so on. Also dogs are able and usually like to lick people. More often than not, a dog licks feet, hands, a person's face. Why does the dog lick these parts of the body?

The answer is very simple. The fact that the hands and feet of a person emit a lot of sweat, respectively, in these places a greater concentration of your smell. Thus, the dog recognizes you by this smell and expresses its respect to you. Often a dog licks a man when he smells of something pleasant for her. A person's face licks a dog to show his feelings, such as love, devotion, to show how she missed you. Why do dogs lick these parts of the body? Simply because they are most often open from clothing.

Some dogs thus ask for somethingmaster, for example, play with her to pat. Some dogs just say hello to the owner. There are also those who differ in special intelligence and ingenuity, so much that they can wake the owner in time, licking his face.

In any case, the dog licks you, not because he wants to eat, but rather to make you smile more often and spend more time on the pet.

Well, and if you notice that the dog lickssome other items, most likely, they exude different smells of food. For example, if the dog licks the monitor screen, it is unlikely because of the love of the picture on it. Rather, your screen is smeared with something edible or just pleasant for the dog.

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