Let's look at the most necessary things from those,what they need for a wavy parrot and not only - they are necessary for almost any parrot for a carefree and happy life, because they, like us, need a house, food, drink and entertainment.

What you need for a parrot

First of all, your friend will need a friend. Yes, the bird will suffer in solitude, because all parrots (also, by the way, like canaries) are birds collective. Of course, his parrot also attributes his master to his pack, but it is better if he has a friend of the opposite sex (if the bird is not aggressive, then you can also own one). For example, my friends live 4 budgies - two males and two females, sometimes quarrel, of course, but in general they live very amicably, fly together. Then the parrot will need a cage. And, the cage for him is not a place of imprisonment, but a real house. Even in the event that your parrot constantly flies around the apartment, he needs, as they say, "his corner" where the bird can rest and feel safe. A person has a house, apartment or room, and a parrot has a cage.

What you need in a parrot cage

First of all, it is, of course, water and food. In doing so, do not forget to change the water daily and pour in new food. It is also advisable to diversify the food, since it is unlikely that you will find even one wild bird eating only millet - they need a lot of vitamins and minerals for a full life. Next on our list is chalk. First, the chalk serves as a parrot for honing the beak, and secondly it is an indispensable source of calcium, which almost all animals and birds need. By the way, especially calcium is necessary for parrots in the breeding season.

Next we need different perches andstairs. Parrots are very fond of climbing ladder and stepladder, and the poles are necessary to him exactly as a person chairs and a bed - on them the bird will rest and sleep. It is advisable to buy wooden perches and stairs. In addition, the parrots need sand. If a piece of paper is suitable for the canary at the bottom of the cage, then the parrot sand is necessary for normal digestion, and on such a bottom of the "house" it is much more pleasant to walk than over bare plastic.

What do you need a parrot for?

Of course, parrots need all kinds oftoys: swings, bells, parrots made of wood and plastic. They will help your pet brighten up the time when you can not be near him - with toys, he will once be bored. Many people ask if a mirror needs a parrot. Of course, it is necessary! Mirror will be a great entertainment for any bird. Even my kenar likes to look at him, and I generally keep quiet about parrots! Mirror - one of the main sources of joy for the parrot, if for some reason you can not pick up a pair. According to my observations, in a mirror the bird sees not itself, but its fellow tribesmen - it turns out such an original way of communication.

In addition to toys, your pet will also needa special bath for bathing, which can be installed in a cage, or you can put in a room - just be prepared for the fact that the water splashes into a few dozen centimeters around. By the way, do not force the birds to swim forcibly: not only can they then reluctantly do this, it's still not even an hour, they will get sick. And of course, do not forget to indulge your feathered with all sorts of delicacies, sold today in any pet store. Here, perhaps, and everything that needs a wavy parrot - and not only him, but all the other parrots.

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