A very popular question as to how muchthe parrot hatch eggs. The answer is simple, the incubation period lasts up to 18 days. Usually a female parrot lays about 4-5 eggs, sometimes it can be up to 9. The time between clutches is 1-2 days. After laying one or two eggs, and already, with their incubation, the female continues to lay eggs further. Eggs of parrots are painted white, they have a thin shell, and weights from 1 to 2.7 g. How many wavy parrots hatches eggs, and not only wavy, but all kinds of parrots you will read here.

Parrot behavior

How do parrots incubate eggs and how do they behave whenthis leads, very interesting. During the hatching of eggs, the parrot is even more prone to stress than in simple days. This is due to the fact that the bird cares not only about its mood, but also about the future offspring. At such a time the female is attached to it more than when the nestlings have already manifested themselves and began their life.

Diet of the parrot

The parrot's diet in this period should not besuch as usual. It is best to feed foods in which vitamin D is present. It is very important for the proper formation of the chick skeleton, as well as the development of the wings and legs. Also, there will be good products that contain vitamin E, it is important for the formation of musculature. Do not be confused by the fact that the nestlings are not yet born to take care of their muscles and skeleton. Even while the female parrot has not yet demolished the eggs that it has inside, the process of formation of all the organs of the nestlings is already in full swing. Therefore, take care of their health in advance.

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