Buy a parrot is not difficult. They are sold in pet stores, in markets and breeders. The offer is large enough, but it's easy to make mistakes, so before you go to buy, you need to know exactly how to buy a parrot.

  • To begin with, you need to decide what color andA bird is needed. After that, you can already go to the store, then the seller's opinion for you will not play a big role, and no one can confuse you. Ask who the bird breeder is, ask for his phone number to find out about the parrot, as they say, from the first mouth. In a good shop, you will not be refused in your request. If you are hidden from this information, or sellers do not know where they got this bird from, then it's better to refuse the purchase of this parrot.
  • At what age to buy a parrot, so that it is bettertotal tamed? Choose a small bird, up to 4 months. Age can be determined by the waves on the head, they start from the very wax, the fading bird on the crown has a yellow cap or you can detect the remnants of the waves. The young parrot has a dark smear on its beak and its claws are almost transparent.
  • The second important question is the sex of the bird. Young males have a purple wax, in females it is beige or pinkish. The females also have white circles around the nostrils, the males do not.
  • The main thing is how to buy a parrot wavywithout problems with health. Look at the birdie as it behaves in the cage of the store. She should be cheerful, cheerful, active. Do not buy a parrot, if he sits alone on the sidelines, dozes while everyone around him is cheerful and cheerful.
  • Get it out of the cage, inspect its plumage. Feathers should be smooth, smooth, not crossed, densely lying to each other. There should be no signs that the bird has feathers. You can look at the plumage through the magnifying glass. So you will see small insects, puhopeaperov, if they are.
  • The nostrils should also be clean, without secretions. Paws and beak must be clean, without growths, bruises. Near the cloacal poultry there should be no unperfected patches and dead litter.
  • After a thorough inspection is completed, you can already decide whether to buy a parrot, or you need to look for another.
  • Next, you already transplant the bird into the carry andBring her home. At home, you need to let the bird calm down, get used to it, get used to it. Do not touch it, feed it, let it out of the cage. After your new pet gets used to you, you can already start taming it.

If you are already buying a second parrot, before you can move it to the first one, you need to send a new tenant to quarantine for about a month to avoid the appearance of possible diseases.

How to buy a parrot? In this case you need to approach with all responsibility, because you buy not a toy, but a living being, a pet, then your bird will live with you and your family for joy.

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