They say that people who have pets at home,more happy, and the level of their health is an order of magnitude higher than those of those that do not breed animals. Whether this is so, you probably can not know for sure, but the fact that animals often cheer up and give joy, hardly anyone will challenge.


Home pets are like the smallest -mice, hamsters, and large - large breeds of dogs, ordinary - cats, and exotic - snakes and lizards. Pets are also feathered. Among poultry, parrots are most popular, which do not require special living conditions and can live both in a private house and in a city apartment.

Getting a parrot, the first thing, after arranging the life of the pet, there is the question of nicknames. Choosing how to call a parrot - male or female - you need to know a few simple rules.

Choose a name

Brevity is the key to success

For the parrot, the short name will be excellent, because there is a possibility that the pet will learn how to pronounce it. The best choice would be a monosyllabic name such as Dick or Yasha.

Deciding how to name the boy's parrot, you canchoose him and a long name, but at the same time have a brief analog of it. So to say, the passport name and name in everyday life. An example could be Jackson-Jack, Ricardo-Ric, Boniface-Bonya.

"Convenient" name

Choosing a nickname parrot, ornithologists advisepay attention to hissing sounds in the name, as well as the sounds of "h" and "p". These are sounds that are easy to pronounce to a bird, and it can learn how to pronounce your name without problems.

Having fun surrounding

Thinking about how you can call a boy's parrot, you canconsider funny and funny names. An example may be the nickname Zzhik, Carlos, Nathan. If the parrot has some distinctive ability, one can call Shurshun - if he likes to wave his wings, the Goblin - if not very cute, or Pulka - then it's clear why.

What to Avoid

Choosing a nickname parrot, do not call a birdhuman names, or the names of family members. And it should be taken into account that the group of sounds - "m", "n", "l" - are difficult to pronounce for birds, so using these sounds in the pet's name, do not expect to teach the bird to pronounce his name.

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