By nature, cats are very playful animals. They can chase hours for sunny rabbits, tinker with a paper bow or gnaw a rubber ball. If you have a cute furry creature at home, take care of the cat toys. Approach this issue should be responsible. It is not enough just to know what a cat is playing with, it is necessary to choose toys that match the character and character of the animal.

Toys from the pet shop

Today on the shelves of pet storesa great variety of toys for cats. All kinds of rattles, balls of felt and latex, toys in the form of fishing rods, mice of various sizes and even gloves with pompons at the fingertips.

Cats are very fond of everything that rustles, rings andmoves independently from them. Buying a toy for a cat, be prepared for the fact that you have to visit the store more than once, since cats are predators. Catching his imaginary prey, cats, as a rule, are not averse to chewing and pawing her with claws. Perhaps, everyone watched the cat playing with the mouse, even artificial. Therefore, store a pair of three-mouse for your pet.

Remember, buying toys for a cat needs inproven pet stores. Unfair producers can use toxic materials to make toys, which can damage the health of the animal.

Toys with own hands

Pleasure your pet and you can play,made by own hands. Try rolling a ball of foil. Cats love to chase such balls around the house, for such purposes can be useful and caramels in the wrapper. You can make your pet happy by placing the most common cardboard box in an accessible place. Cats have a special love for them, they can jump on them several times and jump out again.

No matter how interesting toys are, catsit is always more interesting to play with your kindred. The picture of how a cat plays with kittens can not help but touch. She bites them by the withers, then paws, then lick. Such a game can not be compared to anything!

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