Everyone has heard about the existence of the so-calledRed Book. About what animals in the Red Book, our article will tell. The Red Book is a list of species of animals and plants that are currently threatened with extinction. Hunting for such animals is prohibited in most countries of the world. More than 500 species of animals are listed in the Red Book of our country, which, in turn, are divided into 9 main categories:

  • Mammals (approximately 80 species with subspecies), which are divided into rodents, predators, pinnipeds, cetaceans, artiodactyls, solipeds, insectivorous, bats;
  • Amphibians (8 species - the Little Asian Triton, Triton Lantz, Triton Karelin, Caucasian cross-hair, clawed Ussuri Triton, Reed Toad, Caucasian toad, Syrian garlick);
  • Molluscs (approximately 40 species with subspecies);
  • Insects (approximately 95 species);
  • Reptiles (about 20 species with subspecies);
  • Birds (approximately 130 species with subspecies);
  • Crustaceans (3 species - crab Deryugin, mantis, Japanese crab);
  • Fish (about 50 species with subspecies), which are divided into fish and minnow proper;
  • Worms, spleen and bryozoans (13 species - various-leggedhephoterus, motley aphrodite, dilarida gilyarova, aporektda grandilo, ironseed, Japanese eisenia, intermediate eisenia, ejzenia Gordeeva, Transcaucasian eisenia, Malevich eyzenia, Altai eysenia, Salair eysenia, Heer-dendorf feretima).

There are also 5 categories of so-calledtaxa, which characterize the degree of disappearance of each specific species of animals and plants and also provide information on the range of their existence. The most famous animals that are listed in the Red Book are the cat manul, polar bear, Amur tiger. List of all the animals that are included in it, you can view by clicking on this link. Also in Wikipedia you can find information on the Red Data Book of Russia and the regional Red Books yourself, asking for an appropriate query in the search. Now you know what animals are in the Red Book!

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