Usually appearance of offspring from a beloved dog is waitingthe whole family. When the moment finally comes, the hosts amicably recount the offspring and try to determine where the puppies are from the boys, and where the girls are. We will tell you how to determine the gender of the puppy without special efforts, the photos can be viewed additionally on the Internet.

Determine the gender

  • Flip the baby on the back or stand upright. The female on the tummy is closer to the navel, you will see a characteristic sexual organ.
  • In the knot, the intimate place is much less noticeable: it is closer to the anal opening between the hind legs and looks like a heart in appearance.

By the way, the sex of puppiesis determined in exactly the same way as in adult dogs. This greatly simplifies the task of recognizing boys and girls among the offspring. Whether it's kittens: to figure out who of them who, under the power only experienced koshatniku, and then there are mistakes.

But back to our dogs. If the animal is long-haired and when you are personally examined, you are still lost in conjecture, who is before you - a girl or a boy - and do not know how to determine the sex of the puppy, ask for help from a veterinarian. Moreover, the animal must be examined by a specialist in the first days of life: he will determine not only the sex, but also check the baby for various diseases. For example, pathologies, postpartum injuries, skin diseases or the presence of ticks.

So the owners will have the most pleasant process - choose a name for the newborn baby dog ​​or swirls.

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