We love our pets, who are brought up at home. They became family members for us. And when they get sick, we too worry about them and try to help. Cats. These are pets who love affection. But you noticed that something is wrong with your pet. First measure his temperature.

Cats have their own temperature

What is the temperature of cats? A healthy adult cat has a body temperature of 38-39.5 degrees Celsius. In small kittens, it is slightly higher. Breeds of cats that have a very short coat, seem a bit hot to us, but in fact, they have the same temperature.

Knowing what is the normal temperature in cats, we at its increase can determine the cause. And this can be:

  • overheating of the body, there may be a temperature increase of more than 41 degrees;
  • an infectious disease, that is, a "fever";
  • stress, while the temperature rises for a short time.

Owners of their pets need to know that ifthe body's temperature in the animal has become above 40.5 degrees, it will lead to the fact that his body will lose fluid, appetite will decrease, palpitations and breathing will be observed.

Therefore, it is recommended that when the temperature rises, immediately show the animal to the veterinarian.

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