Of course, every pet has to have a nickname. And birds, too. And how to call a wavy parrot girl? Let us consider this in an article.

Choosing a name for the girl's parrot

If the sex of a parrot is known for certain, then the ownersget an excellent opportunity to give your feathered darling some interesting name. For the female, any catchy or gentle names, amusing or beautiful words of a feminine gender will do. Choose the name of the female is not difficult at all, the main thing is to include imagination. One tip: it is necessary to avoid consonance or coincidence with the names of already existing animals and the names of family members.

How to call a girl a parrot, if you are a personromantic and prefer names exotic, unusual? You can, for example: Floya, Fiona, Gerda, Rosetta, Tiffany, Gloria or Bianca. You can type the query "exotic female names" on the Internet. You can name the girl parrot in accordance with its color, but in a foreign language: yellow - Runa; blue - Celeste; red or red - Scarlett. If you do not like the long name, because in everyday life, it's probably better to use names from 2 syllables, then you can choose one of the following names: Lola, Tasha, Dasha, Cathy, Joo, Gypsy, Roni, Lisa, Chloe, Elsa , Nancy, Rimma, Laura, Alka, Bella.

If the female tries to talk, you needpick up names without difficult for the pronunciation of parrots sounds. Words should contain simple sibilants, for example, Sheri, Katyusha, Shura. More parrots can easily pronounce the sounds "k", "e", "a", "p", "t". They can be names, Pippi, Rita, Tutti, Kiwi.

How can you call a girl a parrot, given hercharacter? If she is playful, cheerful, she has a simple character, then you do not need to give her a complicated name. It is better to call Glasha or Sonia. If the bird is mysterious or secretive, then this character can also be reflected in the name.

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