Choosing a domestic pet hamster, many do notimmediately wondering how to take care of it. But time passes, a pet's coat can get dirty and stick together, but how to wash hamsters is not known by all. And here it is very important to approach this problem responsibly, so that in the process of bathing, the pet is not hurt and does not fall ill.

How to properly wash hamsters

It is known that in nature hamsters do not bathe inreservoirs, cleaning their fur with the help of tongue and hands. Due to this, animals stay clean for a long time. That is why hamsters should be bathed only in the most extreme case, when the pollution is too critical. In most cases, the hamster should be cleaned with a moist tampon or a napkin. Even for care you will need a soft brush that will not let the wool stick together.

This is especially true of the Djungar hamsters,which, it is believed, can not be washed. But it is necessary to care for them, and it is better to know in advance how to wash a jungar hamster, since its skin is covered with protective fat. And no matter how dirty the hamster is, it is better to clean it with the above-mentioned methods - using a brush and a slightly moist tampon. Also for the purity of your pet's wool, it is better to put in a cage a small container with clean sand, which hamsters like to clean their own fur silk by themselves.

As for the common variety, hamsters needwash, only if they are too dirty. But this is done under strict supervision, trying not to get water in the eyes, as they are very sensitive in hamsters. Use only warm water, and after, dry it with a soft towel and a hair dryer.

Our next article about hamsters will tell in more detail how to take care of these pets - "Can I wash hamsters?". Care for your pets!

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