Personal hygiene is important for every organism. Pets are no exception. This is necessary for them and for you. Parrots also require water procedures and, intending to "register" a winged neighbor in their home, think about how to bathe a parrot.

By its nature, a wavy parrot, like othersa bird likes to swim very much, he does it in pools with rain water or in the grass with an abundant amount of water. For bird's water procedures special baths are used, but it is possible to bathe a parrot in an ordinary saucer or a bowl. Bathing-houses or their replacement are installed inside the cell or outside it. It can stand on the floor of a cage, or maybe a hinged one.

Basic rules of bathing

The water in the container should be a little warmer than room temperaturetemperature and always clean, this is due to the fact that during bathing, the bird also drinks. During bathing, a lot of water splashes, so if the bath is not covered, determine the capacity away from the feed.

The depth of water in the bath should be no more than 2centimeters, because the parrot is quite capable of drowning in a lot of water. At the time of bathing, check the lack of draft in the room, it is very harmful for the bird. If the bathing is present all the time, then take for yourself the rule of controlling drafts.

Playing moments of swimming

Another question: how to bathe a parrot wavy if he does not want it. In fact, by nature, the parrot wants and should bathe, just something it does not like it in conditions. In order to make the bathing procedure more attractive, place a mirror next to the capacity, you can throw your favorite bird toys in the bath. Very lures to bathing leaves of lettuce, cabbage or other greens, located in the "bath". This creates an atmosphere of natural greenery with dew.

Well prepares a young bird for bathingWater procedures using a household water spray. Spray from the atomizer will interest the adult parrot. Simulating rain at home will also create a game moment for the pet.

With a very trusting relationship with the parrot,you can bathe in a jet of water from a tap. Take care of the temperature and water pressure in advance. They should be sparing. Just put the bird to the stream, and decide to dip it herself.

Some useful information

Bathing a parrot outside the cell requiresadditional control, the bird can simply break due to wet feathers. In case the bird is extremely frozen and can not warm up quickly, put it closer to an ordinary incandescent lamp (for example, a table lamp). You can not dry parrots with a hair dryer, it can be deadly for them. If a parrot sprinkles itself with water from a beak or is actively playing with a drinker, it "hints" at the need for bathing.

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