Before you choose a sheepdog, you mustunderstand that dogs are meant for different purposes. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to determine these goals. In addition, it is necessary to acquire a dog in the right place - these are breeders who enjoy a good reputation not only in their city, but also on a larger territory. If you want your dog to be really good, contact the dog-breeders' club, where you will be recommended by a good breeder who currently sells sheepdog puppies. Good breeders pay great attention to the nutrition of the puppies, since even the puppies with the wrong nutrition will not develop well. As a result, your puppy is not useful for further mating or reproduction of the breed, if it is a bitch.

The process of selecting a sheepdog

Having met the owner of the nursery for breedingShepherds, be sure to ask him, the dog is vaccinated or not. Before choosing a shepherd puppy, you should be sure that you are buying a vaccinated puppy. Having inspected the litter, pay attention to that puppy, which will be the most active and curious. That's the recommended way to choose the shepherd puppy specialists. In accordance with the criteria of the breed, shepherds at a young age not only are not afraid of sharp sounds and claps, but will also be happy to "communicate" with a stranger. If you are recommended by a breeder to someone you know, then check the documents for the bitch, the puppy you want to take.

To know how to choose a German shepherd,refer to the relevant literature for help. It will help you not only pick up a good puppy, but also grow from it an excellent and faithful dog. Today there are no problems with the availability of special literature on dog breeding, so you can purchase books both in the bookshop and on the Internet. From any book you will learn that shepherd puppies should not be skinny. Well-shaped and well-fed sheepdogs, with thick paws and a flexible tail - it is from such puppies you have to choose a pet. If the puppy has a digestive problem or has a pathology of the internal organs, then his stomach is too bloated. You do not need such a puppy. The puppy must necessarily have a scissor bite, so check this point before buying the dog. If you miss this moment, and in the future you will exhibit the dog at all kinds of exhibitions, it will be disqualified.

Buying a small puppy, you can notcheck whether his ears are set correctly, since they fully rise only to the age of six months in sheep dogs. If you are planning to buy a grown-up dog, then before choosing a German shepherd puppy, take a good look at his ears. To check how fast your dog will be, as well as her manner of walking, throw her a piece of delicacy, but not in the mouth, but on the floor. After running to the delicacy, the dog will show you his manner of gait. A healthy dog ​​will not do wobbling movements. Do not buy a dog whose curves are limbs, as this circumstance indicates the presence of rickets in the dog.

Pay attention to the hips and shoulders of the dog - theyshould be wide. The back of a purebred sheepdog must be straight, with a beautiful slope of croup. It is not allowed to have humpbacks, including puppies, humpbacks or slips on the back. For the sheepdogs, a moderately thick tail is characteristic, which is slightly curved in the shape of a saber, but in no case, in the form of a hook or ring. Ponravivshegsya puppy sure to take in his arms, look at it well.

The eyes of a healthy puppy will not water, andthe wool will be smooth, with a pleasant smell. No pimples and spots on the tummy should not be. If during your examination the puppy bites himself or itches, then he has parasites that are absolutely unnecessary in your home. And good breeders will not allow the presence of parasites in their dogs, so, most likely, you turned to the wrong address. If you are interested in the question of how to choose the right dog, then be sure to pay attention to the temperament of the puppy. Shepherds are characterized by a balanced temperament.


The real owner of the puppy should not give youonly the list of vaccinations that were made by the dog, but also write a regime of his nutrition. The list of vaccinations should reflect the antihelminthic measures that were performed on the puppy. Also you should get information about those vaccinations that need to be done to the dog and at what age. Remember that you choose an animal that requires the same attention and care as a child, so do not flatter yourself about the small time and financial expenses necessary for the proper development, upbringing and growth of a healthy dog. If you are not ready for such costs, then do not buy a shepherd puppy.

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