Doggy barking is a natural reaction to certain environmental factors. Dogs bark in a few cases.

  • When the dog is afraid. If the animal backs and barks, it is a clear sign that it is frightened. If it's a street dog, just bypass it.
  • When the dog plays. If the dog jumps, raves, wags its tail and barks, it calls you to play. To be afraid of such a dog is not necessary.
  • When the dog guards. Sometimes a dog barks, showing that this is its territory. Lai in this case serves as a signal. Then a throw and a bite may follow. In some cases, the dog is limited to barking only. It depends on the characteristics of an individual animal. In any case, caution should be exercised.

Determine why dogs bark, sometimes uneasy. It is better not to approach such an animal, maybe the dog does not play, but shows aggression.

Why dogs do not bark

Sometimes a dog does not bark, even if there seems to be a reason for that. The thing is that every animal has its own character. There is also a breed of dogs that can not bark - Basenji.

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