If the cat is poured with water or thrown into the water, it will quickly run away or quickly lick off the spray. Why is the cat afraid of water?

Nature has created a cat as an observer, and nottester. In the situation with swimming, the cat just does not see the sense in this procedure, because it will wash itself out well enough! And what kind of mockery with splashing? Do you like it if you are suddenly showered with water? The cat perceives a sharp stream of water as a blow, and if they hit, it means that we must flee.

If you are trying to bathe a cat in a bath witha special shampoo, hoping to please her, you're wasting your time. For a cat, any specific smells, including the smell of cat shampoo, seem unbearable. That's why she breaks out of her last strength. Of course, it may not break out. But it only means what she is looking forward to until you finish.

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