Care for health is, perhaps, one of the mostimportant things that a person should do. After all, health gives us strength and opportunities for life. Without a doubt, our main resource is our health. Today, dear reader, we will talk about how to strengthen the vessels. They carry our blood to the organs that receive the right substances for their work. So:

Strengthen the blood vessels

Let's start with a very important organ of our body that controls all the others - it's the brain. How to strengthen the vessels of the brain?

  • Strengthening blood vessels is not an easy task. Therefore, the most important advice is to go to your doctor for advice. Only a real professional will be able to advise you on those drugs or actions that really strengthen the vessels of the brain. However, without panic. We will tell you about other ways.
  • Here's what infusion will help to strengthen and cleansevessels. You will need these herbs in equal parts: meadowsweet, motherwort, cudweed, rose hips. Four tablespoons of the mixture should be brewed in a liter of boiling water. The drink should be infused for at least 8 hours. It should be taken 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day for a period of 1.5 to 2 months.
  • To stabilize the pressure and cleanse the vesselsyou can take the following steps. Eat carrots every day in different kinds. Plus, you can make a balm, which must be consumed one tablespoon three times a day. For balm you need a mixture of one glass of honey, one glass of carrot juice, one glass of beet juice, and grated horseradish. Also add 50ml of vodka. Stir the mixture thoroughly and allow to stand for 24 hours. After that, add the juice of squeezed lemon and mix well. Stir until the honey dissolves completely. Drink enough for about a month. The intake cycle should be conducted 4 times a year. Here's how to strengthen the vessels of the brain.

Let's talk a little about how to strengthenwalls of blood vessels. The most important thing to remember is that everyday stress has a very negative effect on the strength of the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, you should try to protect yourself from it during treatment. A good and balanced diet is what will really help to strengthen the vessels and improve their performance. The most important enemy of blood vessels is fats. However, a complete rejection of them will lead to exhaustion of the body. Accordingly, you need to focus on the consumption of vegetable fats. Do not completely abandon the meat, because it is the source of animal protein involved in building new tissues and cells of the body. Stewed, steamed and boiled dishes are best for a person who wants to keep their blood vessels in good condition. Meat can be replaced with poultry and fish. Also, products such as sausages, cheeses and others are sources of dangerous fats for blood vessels. Butter is better to replace with olive oil.

Do not forget that many peoplestrive to strengthen the blood vessels, resorting only to medicamental methods. There is no doubt that drugs are a very effective weapon in the strengthening of blood vessels. But all the above folk ways are also very good.

A few words about how to strengthen the vessels in the nose. Many of us suffer from occasional bleeding from the nasal cavity, which prevents a person from quietly enjoying each day. How can I strengthen the vessels of this system? Specialists in exercise therapy say that special exercises can help a person suffering from nosebleeds. Here are a couple of exercises you can try:

  • Use your fingers to stroke the wings of the nose from top to bottom. Now stroke the area around the eyes, then go back to the bottom of the nose. Repeat 10 times.
  • Breathe freely and tap the wings of your nose with your fingers from top to bottom and vice versa. The duration of the exercise is 20 seconds.
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