Stretching of the muscles often occurs as a result ofstrong physical activity. Damage can occur both in sports and in everyday life. You gave your body a load above the allowable rate for you, and the muscles were stretched excessively. In this case, muscle fibers and tendons were damaged. What are your first steps in this situation? What to do when stretching?

Reasons for stretching

In the first place in the frequency of stretching the muscles arephysical exercises and sports. When can this happen? If you dramatically change the load on the muscle, or do exercises for flexibility or stretching. Or accidentally encountered someone and fell. There is a risk of injury at home. This can happen if you lifted the load without bending your knees or keeping your back straight. And then, there can be a question, what to do or make at a stretching? How to help, and not hurt yourself?

Symptoms and treatment of muscle strain

When muscles are stretched, in a damaged placea swelling is formed. There may be a hematoma. And the pain can be either small or very strong. Sometimes it even limits the physical activity of a person. First of all, what to do with stretching the muscles?

The main thing, create peace of the damaged muscle. Attach the cold as soon as possible. It will be enough 20-30 minutes every 4 hours during the day. This will reduce pain and swelling. Wrap the ice in a damp towel. Do not apply ice directly to the skin.

Fix the damaged limb with an elastic bandage and lift above the trunk. You can use anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics.

Good help ointments and gels containinganti-inflammatory components, such as dexlofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin. Well rub the ointment, in circular motions, in the area of ​​damage. After the ointment is absorbed into the skin, wrap it with a warm scarf. The duration of use depends on the nature of the injury.

Be sure to consult a traumatologist, do an x-ray to exclude a more serious injury.

First aid with sprain

This injury can be obtained with a sharp movement,if the foot is not correctly set. Suffer from this, and children, and professional athletes. The most traumatic sports in this respect are football, boxing, wrestling, hockey, tennis and some kinds of athletics. What should I do if I stretch my ligaments? How to provide correct and timely help?

Immediately put or put the victim,to provide him peace and stillness. As with stretching the muscles, apply cold. Remember, you can apply ice only the first day. On the second day - on the contrary, only heat.

Fix the affected joint with a flexible bandage, a tire. Do not tighten the dressing too tightly to prevent blood circulation.

Effective stretching ligaments painkillerssports ointments and gels. Especially popular is the drug "Efkamon." It has a warming, absorbable and anti-inflammatory effect. It contains methyl salicylate, tincture of pepper, essential oils and other components. In combination, they stop pain and relieve inflammation of the damaged tendon-ligament apparatus.

Among folk methods, one can note the hotmilk compresses or compresses from warm tea. Wet gauze, folded in several layers, and superimpose the damage. Compressive paper and woolen scarf on top. When gauze dries, it needs to be replaced.

Listen to our advice and doctor's advice, and you will quickly recover physically.

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