Every person can be hurt, no one is protectedfrom the will of the case: no adults, no children - everything happens. What to do with bruises, when already bruised? How to reduce pain from bruising and avoid bruising? We will now talk about this.

How to smooth out the consequences of injury

First of all, it is necessary to immobilizethe affected area of ​​the body, if possible, create rest. If you have stretched the ligaments, you need to perform a tight bandage. For example, with a foot injury, what to do first, is to apply something cold (for example, a bottle of ice water). The cold will help the vessels to narrow, thereby reducing the possible bleeding caused by the bruise.

Further, after 1-2 days, on the contrary, you need to apply something warm - speeding up blood circulation, we will accelerate the process of resorption of inflammation.

With bruises, physical methods of treatment are not always used. On the contrary, different drugs make up a wide range of possibilities, what to do with bruises.

Anesthesia of bruises

For analgesia, anti-inflammatoryaction or even decongestion measures are widely used special gels and ointments. For example, a cream "Ketonal" (anesthetizing), balm "Ben-Gay" (anesthesia and cooling at the same time), "Fastum-gel" ...

Degassing with hematomas

There are gels with an extract of leeches, for thesegoals are best suited "Bruise-off", "Gyrodotonus", "Girudalton." You can also use gels that include heparin - "Lyoton", Heparin ointment. This is in cases when the joint is injured or any bruises form bruises.

Heating Ointments

The effect is based on the principle of localizedvasodilatation. Best of all are ointments "Finalgon", "Nikofleks", "Capsicum". Not bad still acts all known balm "Asterisk", including essential oils.

Muscle Pain Relievers

If after the injuries you have muscle pains, thenwe advise you to take a bath with the addition of essential oils. The composition is as follows: 10 milliliters of vegetable oil mixed with 2 drops of eucalyptus, add 4 drops of lavender, 2 drops of rosemary, peppermint and juniper 1 drop.

Now we know, for example, what to do with a bruisecoccyx ,. Everything is quite simple - just carefully read the instructions for the selected drug, if you want to do without physiotherapy. In the event that self-treatment does not bring the desired result, do not continue to experiment with ointments and oils, ask for help from qualified specialists. Perhaps you have developed internal bleeding or stretched ligaments, there are all, and we are smeared with ointments.

It is better to know what to do with a bruise, so you can provide first aid and prevent some consequences. Be careful!

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