During sleep it is very important to give your spinerest, because if he does not have time to rest from the daily loads for the night, the next day your health can get worse, and who will like to wake up with a pain in the back? How to choose a mattress for a bed, we will tell in this article.

To choose a new mattress is to treat with a largeresponsibility, since you will have to sleep on it every night, for a long time. The choice of a mattress is a purely individual thing, often couples sleep on the same mattress, which initially is not very right, because one mattress can not be ideal for two absolutely different people, both by weight, height, and health reasons. The mattress must perform certain functions.

Mattress functions

  1. Support for the spine during sleep. The mattress should provide your back straight position, while allowing the muscles of the back and body to completely relax during sleep.
  2. Providing a comfortable sleep. The mattress should completely correspond to features of your body, to provide correct distribution of weight of a body on points of pressure that would sleep to you it was comfortable.

Characteristics of the mattress

  • The size of the mattress should match the size of the bed.
  • Type of mattress. There are traditional, anatomical and orthopedic mattress. How to choose the type of mattress? It all depends on your wishes and health. Orthopedic mattresses are designed to compensate for any deformities of the body, but this does not prevent healthy people from using them. Anatomical - repeat the contours of the body. But with traditional mattresses all are familiar.
  • Substrate materials. Mattresses are spring and without spring. Spring mattresses come with independent and independent springs. The plus of the dependent springs is their comparative cheapness, the minus - in time the mattress sags to the middle, with mattresses from independent springs this does not happen.
  • Filler. It is important to choose hypoallergenic and hygienic mattresses. Of the fillers are most often used: foam rubber, felt, sintepon, cotton wool, coconut coir, latex. It is on the quality of the filler that the longevity of your mattress depends.

Tips: how to choose the right mattress

  • Consider your weight. For light people (up to 55 kg) soft mattresses are suitable, for people with a weight of 55-90 kg, a mattress with medium stiffness is suitable. Rigid mattresses are suitable for people weighing more than 90 kg.
  • Consider your height, your health. If there are problems with the spine, then when choosing an orthopedic mattress, you should consult your doctor.
  • When choosing a mattress, test it. Be sure to lay down on the mattress. Nothing should interfere with your comfort. Test all the models you like. If you want to save and buy a mattress in the Internet store, then first visit the regular store and try out the model you like, and only after that order it on the Internet.
  • Consider the pose of sleep. In a pose on the side - pay attention to the hips, and shoulders plunged into the mattress so that the waist received support. In a posture on the back, the hips should be in a natural position. When turning on the mattress, you should not interfere with anything, shoulders and hips should not be reached to the ground.
  • If you sleep together, you should not be cramped, if you are very different in weight and physique, it is better to choose two mattresses.
  • Elderly it is better to choose mattresses of medium hardness or soft.
  • When choosing a new mattress, rely on the shortcomings of the old one, try to exclude their presence in your new mattress.

How to choose a mattress for a child

When choosing a children's mattress, choose its size,so that they clearly match the size of the crib. It is better to choose mattresses with fillers that "breathe". The filler should also be hypoallergenic. The mattress should be elastic, and moderately flexible, that would adjust to the bends of the child's body. The mattress must be solid and hardy.

If you notice that the child begins to deteriorate posture, it is better to purchase an orthopedic mattress, suitable for his age.

How to choose a mattress for a newborn

It is very important that the mattress does not bend under the weightchild, constantly supporting the spine in a level position. Do not forget the special oilcloth-lining, which will save you from unnecessary problems with the constant drying of the mattress.

How to choose an air mattress

Choose a mattress based on your needs: for sleeping (at home, in the country, in hikes), or for swimming. Mattresses for swimming should be rubberized, and have water-repellent properties. Inflatable mattress for sleep, should be pleasant to the touch, with a "velvety" surface, orthopedic effect. Pay special attention to the product warranty.

Take the pump to the mattress. There are a variety of pumps, the most convenient and fastest of them for home use are electrical. For trips to nature, pumps that work from cigarette lighter cars, or battery pumps, if you do not mind the time and energy for pumping the mattress, you can buy a foot pump.

So, we learned how to choose a mattress, and remember - do not save on the mattress, because on this depends on your health, activity, and future well-being.

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