Agree, it is very unpleasant to observe in the mirrormyself with reddened eyes. The reasons why the eyes are red, can be a great variety. Let's take a closer look at why the whites of the eyes are red and how to fix it.

I have red eyes, why?

External irritation. Strong wind, cigarette smoke, irritating cosmetics, small plant pollen, and many other irritants can affect the condition of your eyes.

The second layer of reasons leading to questions, whyThe child's red eyes are overexertion of vision. Modern life style pushes to this: a long stay in front of a computer in the office or a long watching TV. But this is not limited to the list of reasons why the eyes are red, because it can be affected by a bad sleep regime, most often, its insufficiency; stress, overstrain. Sometimes, the cause of the redness of proteins is an inflated blood pressure.

How to get rid of red eyes

Of course, it is best to see a doctor. But you can prevent the redness of the eyes at home! For example, to quickly get rid of dryness and burning red eyes you will be served by special preparations called "artificial tears" or drops with the effect of moisturizing. It would be nice to take vitamin A.

Red eye treatment is very effectivevarious compresses. The most elementary example is a handkerchief soaked in cold (clean!) Water, applied to the eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can try to wrap it in an ice cube. Very well recommended potato compress: we clean a small potato, mine, clean, cut into circles, apply to the eyes for a couple of minutes.

Prevention of red eye

When you get rid of the redness of the eyes, you must follow certain rules:

  • Sleep at least eight hours a day.
  • Relaxes for vision: when working in front of a computer, for example, take off every hour for at least 5-10 minutes.

How to get rid of red eyes, if necessarylong work at the computer? You probably understand that working in front of a monitor or writing, drawing and other things is bad for your vision. All of the following methods should be used at least once per hour. Spend 5 minutes of your time, but keep healthy eyesight!

First advice, first of all, for those who conducta lot of time at the monitor. Adjust it at last! I mean not only high-quality backlight, but also color and contrast calibration. Most modern monitors are absolutely not suitable for work because of the "smart" mode of dynamic contrast. If there is a possibility, disable it (although, as a rule, this property of the matrix, and it can not be undone) and adjust the contrast for your eyesight. I advise you not to regret money, especially it's cheap, contact a specialist, and let him directly adjust the color gamut and contrast on your monitor. By the color gamut I meant not only the gamut, but also the color temperature, its depth and saturation.

Exercise for the eyes

It is necessary to train our eyes, so thatprovoke myopia or strabismus. We do this: get up, go to the window. Draw on it a barely visible point marker. Now look at the point for 2 seconds, then look at something remote outside the window and re-focus the vision on the point. For avid gamers, it's even frightening that they will not have time to see a point, or a remote high-rise building, for example. Gentlemen, planted sight, ah-yay-yay! Accurate with this case. Eat more blueberries, but less sit at the monitor, and everything will work out.

Rotate your eyes. Just describe in the air sweeping eight. At first, slowly, moving to such a speed as you can. In one direction - in another. It is desirable to defocus the vision, not to cling to objects, although this is difficult at first.

Do not rub your eyes! Why the eyes are red, it's because you mercilessly press the blood vessels. You can not rub your eyes, no matter how much you want it.

Why the photo turns red eyes

We've had enough of horrors. Let's find out why many people have red eyes on the photo.

In this there is nothing to worry about. This is normal, and the red eyes in the photo are only the returned beams of the flash of the camera with our eye-bottom, it has a red color. This effect is obtained in this way: the flash beams "enlightened" your eye through the pupil completely, the rays returned to the lens, capturing the image of the fundus. Once at a time it's not necessary, everyone can get such a photo.

How to prevent red eyes in the photo? Easily. Do not take pictures with a flash close to your face, change the angle of the photo. There are heaps of filters that help to remove the red-eye effect, but I would not advise them, they cut out part of the image spectrum, and that's no longer good.

If you have got red eyes in the photo,no problem. Use the graphical editor of Adobe Photoshop, it provides extensive opportunities for removing red eyes. There is even a ready-made instrument. Of course, it would be better to have a little mastering the skills in this magnificent package, otherwise the result can make you wait.

I think we fully answered the question of why the eyes are red.

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