Lenses today have gained unprecedented popularity. Lenses are bought even by people with good eyesight, most often in order to change the color of the eyes. And, of course, when buying contact lenses, there are many questions about their correct use. Let's look at how to remove contact lenses correctly.

Before you remove the lens, you need a goodwash hands, however, any actions with lenses must be done with clean hands to avoid getting into the eyes of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, dirt and dust, because all this can cause dangerous eye diseases. Hands should be dry, so that they do not have all kinds of villi, which can get into the eyes, cause their irritation and discomfort.

To remove lenses is best at the table, so that you canit was quick to find them if they suddenly fall. If your lenses are different in the corrective power, you must always start removing from one eye to protect yourself from confusion. There are several answers to the question of how to remove lenses.

So, look up and neatly paddedFinger move the contact lens on the protein down. Pinch the lens using the thumb and index finger, and remove it from the eye. Further, the lens needs to be cleaned and placed in a special container for storage and disinfection. Pay attention, in no case can you compress the contact lens with your fingernails!

The second method is somewhat different from the first. Look up, pulling the middle finger of the eyelid. Do this with the appropriate hand. Next, you need to move the lens with the index finger pinch to the side or down, "grasping" its lower edge. Further everything is the same as in the first method. In order to make sure that everything is done correctly, in the question of how to remove lenses, the video will help the best!

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