Knowing the blood type that is inherent in you is necessary incase, if you suddenly have to pour it. Currently, only one-group blood is transfused to reduce the risks of incompatibility and potential complications. Do you know your blood type? Can you tell me how to find out the child's blood type, for example? If not, just read how you can recognize the blood group!

We learn the blood type of a person

In fact, everything is simple, within the schoolprograms. The blood group itself is a certain identifier of the individual. It does not change its composition throughout life, it is passed from parent to child.

Today, an enormous number of blood groups are open. But the main is still the system "a-ba-nil" (AB0). In the red blood cells contain antigens, in the plasma - antibodies.

So, remember that in the red blood cells of humanblood, following this system, there may be antigens A and B or in general may be absent (0). The blood plasma can contain antibodies to antigens a and b.

There are 4 main blood groups according to the ABO system:

  1. I group (0) - there are no agglutinogens in erythrocytes at all, in the plasma there are agglutinins a and b;
  2. II group (A) - in erythrocytes contains A, in plasma - b;
  3. III group (B) - B is in erythrocytes, in plasma - a;
  4. Group IV (AB) - in erythrocytes A and B, there is absolutely no agglutinin in the plasma.

There is also the concept of Rh factor (also a systemantigens, not inherent in all people). The Rh factor can be either positive or negative. People with a negative Rh factor are less than positive. The designation of blood, such as II (A) Rh +, for example, indicates the presence of a second blood group with a positive Rh factor. All this is recognized when you pass a special blood test.

How do you know your blood type, knowing the blood groups of your parents?

A little bit of math. Since each of us receives one gene from the parents: one from the father and one from the mother (that is, if the mother's blood group is the fourth (AB) and the father has the second (A0), then try combining the options obtained from take one gene from each and you will see that in such parents, children can have all blood groups, but with different chances, the second group in this case wins in probability.

In our world, most often people have the first or thethe second group of blood. The rarest is the fourth, it occurs on average in 4 out of 100 people, and in the world of people with the 4 blood group there are only 5-7% of the total number.

How do you know the blood group you have? It is enough to pass the analysis on the blood group, the result is not long. In addition, if you have previously taken tests (before surgery or for transfusion), then look in the documents, now you know how to determine the blood type by Latin letters-identifiers. Those who served in the army, even easier - remember the birochka on the chest, it showed your Rh factor and blood group. As in the song of Victor Tsoi, only now not on his sleeve, but on his chest.

You see, it's not so difficult to learn your blood type. It is enough to pass an analysis or serve in the army, just something delov! =)

Be healthy and do not neglect such important information as knowing your blood type.

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