Catarrhal diseases to dateare the most common. Most often everything starts with a cold, and if it is not cured at the time, the consequences can be most unpredictable. How to get rid of snot at home, know in any family. Someone trusts medicines and various drops, and someone resorts to folk methods of treatment. Both those and other means give the desired effect.

At the first signs of the common cold you must immediately takefor treatment. Naturally, the best option will be going to the doctor, but if there is no such possibility, then we can start independent treatment, but with more caution. At the initial stage it is possible to do by washing the nose with a saline solution. A glass of water will need a pinch of salt. You can rinse with a syringe or pipette. Also an effective remedy against snot are onion drops: a teaspoon of onion juice should be diluted with five tablespoons of boiled water and instilled 3-4 drops into each nostril, several times a day.

If you did not start treatment on time, and snotbecome thick, the question arises: how to get rid of green snot? First of all, you need to increase the number of washings with salt solution up to 4-5 times. Salt water helps to get out purulent accumulations and clears nasal passages. After washing, you can drip into the nose of aloe juice, it has a bactericidal effect and within a few days will completely save you from annoying snot.

But there are more difficult situations when the runny noseat a neglected stage, and already snot in the throat. How to get rid of such a problem at home, worries every ill. You can not start this process and at the first opportunity you need to contact LOR. In the meantime, you can insert in the nose compacted pieces of cotton wool, previously moistened in naphthyzine, and rinse your throat with chamomile broth. You can also start instillation of vasoconstrictive drops 2-3 times a day, but not more than 5 days, otherwise polyps may begin to form.

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