Nasal congestion occurs as a result ofedema of its mucosa. The development of this edema is caused by exposure to the nasal mucosa of any allergens (pollen of plants, animal hair, perfumery, household chemicals, food, etc.) or pathogens (viruses, bacteria).

On how to get rid of nasal congestion,caused by a cold disease, is said and written often enough. This is due to the fact that after the disappearance of the symptoms of the common cold, there is a feeling of difficulty in nasal breathing - nasal congestion, which causes great discomfort to a person.

Quickly get rid of nasal congestion, you can,using drops or nasal sprays, which include vasoconstrictor drugs. Use these funds more than four times a day does not follow, because they quickly develop addiction, leading to a chronic cold. In addition, vasoconstrictors cause dryness of the mucous membrane, which has a negative effect on it.

Therefore, when choosing vasoconstrictive drops for the nose,you should give preference to those that contain oils. And I would like to warn about one circumstance - wanting to quickly get rid of the stuffy nose in the child, you can not use vasoconstricting drops intended for adults! For children, one should buy nasal drops intended for their age.

How to get rid of nasal congestion caused by the accumulation of mucus?

To remove this mucus, rinse the cavitynose saline, for the preparation of which takes 1 teaspoon of a dining room, and preferably sea salt and is dissolved in 1 glass of warm water. This solution should be filtered through a thin, clean cloth to separate the salt crystals that remain undissolved from it. The nasal passages are washed with a small syringe. Saline solution not only flushes the mucus collected in the nasal passages, which hinders breathing, but also has a harmful effect on the microorganisms that caused the development of the common cold.

How to get rid of stuffy nose caused by colds?

Vasodilating drops quickly eliminatenasal congestion, i.e. one of the symptoms of the common cold, but does not treat the disease itself. For the treatment of the common cold it is useful every 4 to 5 hours in each nasal drip to drip a pair of drops of freshly squeezed aloe juice or lubricate the skin above the nasal sinuses with tea tree oil.

If, despite all the measures taken, a runny nose does not pass within a week, you should definitely seek advice from an ENT doctor.

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