Over 500 million people worldwide are obese. The weight is influenced by many factors, and unhealthy foods occupy far from the only place in this row.

Lunch of family meals

Studies show that meals in a circlefamilies can prevent obesity and overweight. The reason is that when we get together, it has a beneficial effect on the family atmosphere and encourages healthy eating habits.

According to the results of the research, children who eat with their families at least three times a week are 24% more likely to eat healthy foods than those who do it less often.

Classical music in restaurants

The study showed that more food and coffee is consumed in restaurants where classical music plays in the background.

Work at night

The human body is designed to sleep,when there is no light, and to eat during the day. "Working at night contributes to overweight, because it disrupts the physiological cycle, and this leads to a reduction in the total daily energy expenditure," say the scientists. If you work at night, then the output can be a smaller amount of food or calories consumed.

Too short a dream

It has been scientifically proven that lack of sleep affectsexcess weight. The reason is that sleep plays an important role in energy metabolism. When we do not get enough sleep, we eat more: in this way our body adapts to the maintenance of wakefulness.

Contaminated environment

It has been proven that the effects of some pollutantssubstances increases the risk of gaining excess weight. It is explained by the fact that some of them accumulate in adipose tissue. They enter the body through foods high in fat, such as meat and fatty fish.

Long TV viewing

If you spend more than 2 hours every day sitting in front of the TV, the risk of obesity increases by 23%.

Sleeping in front of the TV also increases this chance. According to the results of the research, the effect of artificial light during sleep reduces the level of melatonin (a hormone that protects us from metabolic disorders). As a consequence, it provokes obesity and diabetes.

Eating low-fat foods

Researchers came to the conclusion that the use ofdairy products with a high fat content is better for the body. These foods are more nutritious than defatted or light in fat, and carry a much lower risk of obesity.

In addition, nutritionists say that many products that advertise as low in fat, in reality have a large number of calories.

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