Professional optics in a suitable frame are neededEveryone who sees badly or wants to protect their eyes from the scorching summer sun. Finding suitable glasses is not so easy: they need to have high-quality lenses and frames, a decent style, affordable cost.

Good glasses are not only a means forcorrection and protection of eyesight, but also a stylish accessory that should fit well with the appearance and image of its owner or possessor. We will show you where to find such glasses and how to choose them correctly.

Where to buy?

Professional, stylish and affordablecost optics can be purchased at the company "Blind Chicken". A solid firm with an interesting name is a professional in its business. "Blind chicken" is a network of salons of optics and medical centers, where anyone can find and buy glasses, ideal in all respects.

  • Modern methods for the selection of contact lenses and glasses
  • Cooperation with major insurance companies
  • Qualified specialists with extensive experience
  • Certified workshops for the manufacture of optics
  • Points of any complexity for perfect correction
  • A wide and diverse range of glasses, unique models and spectacle lenses of high quality
  • Affordable prices, loyal system, cumulative discounts, bonuses and promotions

To get acquainted with the products and purchase something,that you like and approaches, visit the online store of glasses "Blind Chicken". The site presents a wide range of optics with high-quality images and descriptions of products at competitive prices. On sale - only qualitative, certificated and legal production. Choose and buy glasses you can without leaving your home: use the catalog and search for items in the store, make and confirm your order and expect an early delivery!

How to choose glasses?

Good glasses = quality lenses + suitablebezel. The choice of lenses will help you specialist. Lenses of different production differ in terms of materials used, additional functions, and costs. The specialist will help you choose the ideal option for you, taking into account the individual situation.

The choice of the frame will depend on your appearance and style. A good frame can correct flaws and give a twist to your image.

We focus on the type of person

  • The oval face is longer than the width, a rounded chin and a broad forehead. Suitable rectangular, round, oval frame, "cat" options, "butterflies" and "aviators."
  • Round face differs about the samewidth and length, has smooth rounded contours and a soft chin. Suitable butterfly glasses, models with a narrow nose bridge, rectangular and square, aviators, pointed versions, "cat's" frames and "vufarer".
  • The rectangular face is longer. Cheeks, forehead and jaw about the same width. Suitable are large and round frames, massive models, "aviators".
  • The square face is approximately the samewidth and length in the line of the forehead, jaw and cheekbones, chin wide and angular. Suitable are large and wide models, color frame, round and oval shape, "aviators", "cat's" frames.
  • The triangular face has a wide and square chin, the forehead and cheekbones are narrow, the face to the temples narrows. Suitable "aviators", "cat's" frames, round models.
  • The heart-shaped face has a narrow chin andwide forehead, resembles an inverted triangle in shape. Round and rounded models will fit, small variants with jumpers and without rim, "aviators" and "vufarers", neutral and light colors.

Suitable frame: simple and important selection rules

The most important criterion is a competently chosen size. In general, the frame of the right size should not go beyond the face area (except for specially created for this model), the upper part emphasizes the line of eyebrows or hides them by a third.

You can define an approximate range for the mainsizes. So, for S this is 44-48 mm. These dimensions are relevant for standard face types. Choosing a rim is more difficult in case of individual appearance, for example, close-set eyes or a broad nose.

Check the fit and size, depending on thethe location of the temples. Suitable sunglasses sit on the head in moderately tight: do not crush and do not fall off, hold tight. With a small frame, the temples are heavily crushed and wear out quickly. If the frame is too large, there is a gap between the face and the glasses, they do not hold.

Bridges - nasal lintels - produced in twotypes: keyhole "well" and "saddle". Among nosoporov widespread are soldered and silicone on screws. A person with a broad bridge of nose is better to choose nosoporyr on screws.

Check the focus center - it should falldirectly into the lens center and coincide with the pupil. Individual cases are associated with astigmatism - a specialist helps to intelligently pick up lenses in this case.

The choice of color is largely individual, depends oncolor appearance, your image and personal preferences. You can choose the most inconspicuous frame, which will be universal for any occasion, emphasize the contrast or choose an unusual shade solely for your individual image. Classic shades: black, brown, gray, white. Amber, tortoise and wine colors also go to many. You can differently combine glasses with outfits, each time creating new interesting images.

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