A well-groomed oral cavity is a guarantee of health andbeauty. Through the mouth, food and other substances enter the body, which then affect his health as a whole. From the state of the teeth, the smile and digestion process will depend, the language is an indicator of the condition of internal organs, and the smell from the mouth and its hygiene depends on the situation in the oral cavity. Therefore, caring for your mouth, identifying problems and illnesses in time and curing them is very important. Let's briefly review the popular problems that many people have and how to cope with them.


Dry mouth can occur for various reasons. It is important to identify the correct cause and eliminate it.

  • Thirst is the most frequent and harmless. In the average norm, an adult should use 1.5-2 liters. liquid for the day. If you often feel thirsty, it is recommended to increase the amount of pure water you drink per day.
  • Respiratory tract infections. It can be acute tonsillitis and influenza, as in their process there is a high temperature, which leads to dehydration of the body. It is useful to drink plenty of fluids during the treatment period, as it removes harmful substances from the body and helps to cure more quickly. After recovery, you need to restore the normal drinking regime.
  • Xerostomia - a dysfunction of the salivary glands. It occurs as a consequence of HIV, diabetes, chemotherapy. A complex and competent treatment of the underlying cause is required.
  • Psychological problems. Dry mouth can develop due to frequent unhealthy stress, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, phobias. The addiction to cigarettes and the abuse of sedatives also do harm. When identifying mental causes, a specialist needs help.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (cholecystitis, dysbacteriosis, reflux disease) and diseases of the cardiovascular system (ischemia, heart attack, heart failure). All these problems require competent treatment.

Unpleasant odor

Common cause of unpleasant odorfrom the mouth - chemical reactions in the mouth. To cause an unpleasant odor can various causes: stress, smoking, hormonal changes, gastrointestinal problems, kidney and liver diseases, metabolic disorders, dental diseases, nasopharyngeal diseases, internal diseases, illiterate oral hygiene or lack of it, dry mouth syndrome, image life and diet.

The general scheme for eliminating this problem:

  1. Diagnosis of diseases and their treatment;
  2. Sanitation of the oral cavity to eliminate infectious foci;
  3. Conducting professional hygiene of the mouth and the subsequent observance of competent hygiene at home, training in the proper cleaning of teeth, tongue and oral cavity.

Dental diseases

  • Caries - destruction of dental tissue.
  • Gingivitis - inflammation of the gums.
  • Glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue that arises because of its trauma or infection with pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The tooth cyst is a dense "vial" filled with a liquid that forms at the tip of the tooth root.
  • Fistula - the formation of voids in the tissues that surround the tooth root.
  • Heilit - inflammation in the corners of the lips, "zaedy."
  • Parodontosis - a systemic lesion of periodontal tissue around the tooth.
  • Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the tissues near the tooth.

These and other diseases require competent diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Remember that dental diseases must be diagnosed on time and cured as soon as possible.

Incorrect bite, crooked teeth, lack of teeth

Incorrect bite and crooked teeth do not affectonly on the appearance of a person, but also on the process of digestion and oral hygiene in general. In a healthy cavity, all the teeth are located exactly in their places, performing their functions: the incisors and canines bite off the food, the roots are grinded, and after the initial treatment, the prepared and salted food enters the stomach. If the food does not undergo initial qualitative processing in the mouth, it will be worse to digest in the future, which in general will negatively affect the digestion process. Smooth, healthy, full teeth in the right position - it's beautiful, and healthy, and useful. Therefore, if there are any problems in this area, they should be resolved as soon as possible.

To eliminate such problems, various methods are used:

  • Plates and bracket systems. Plates are used to correct uncomplicated dental problems or after wearing braces to correct minor flaws and fix the result. Bracket systems - a tool for correcting an incorrect bite, are placed on both jaws. Brackets are divided into different groups depending on the material, size, method of attachment, location. From these moments will depend on the convenience of socks, the number of adjustments, beauty and cost. So, gold self-ligating braces will cost more than usual metal ligature, but they will be more convenient to wear and the treatment process will go faster. Also produce lingual braces, which are installed from the inside of the jaw. The advantage is in their invisibility, which may appeal to those who do not want to attract even more attention to their problem, but it is more difficult to take care of them. A good specialist will help to choose suitable plates and braces taking into account the individual situation, wishes and financial possibilities.
  • Installation of artificial crowns,microprosthetics, prosthetics and implantation. If the tooth is partially healthy, put an artificial crown or make a microprosthesis. Prosthetics and implantation are used for the destroyed teeth (both root and crown). Each of these methods has its own characteristics, and if you need to solve the dental problem in this way, study all the pros and cons of the methods, consult your doctor and choose the one that suits you best.

A healthy oral cavity is equal, beautiful,full and healthy teeth, pink tongue without plaque, healthy tissue, normal smell from the mouth and the absence of unnatural formations. Each person is advised to monitor the health of their mouths, twice a year checked by the dentist and immediately heal the disease when they are detected. Be healthy!

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