The presence of any pain in the body bringsdiscomfort and a desire to identify and eliminate its cause. Often, pain causes inflamed lymph nodes. General information about them you can find in the articles:

  • What are lymph nodes?
  • Where are the lymph nodes

How to determine what they are hurting, and what signs do they indicate?

Types of lymphatic pain

The causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes can be different. This is a bacterial infection, and an immune disorder, and even cancer. Therefore, when morbidity appears in the lymph nodes, such diagnoses can be made as:

  1. acute or chronic lymphadenitis;
  2. chronic tonsillitis;
  3. lymphoma (tumor of lymph nodes malignant).

Where and how pain is felt in inflammation of the lymph nodes

Determine that the lymph nodes on the neck hurt, you can by such signs:

  • pain in the neck is felt when swallowing and light pressure on the affected area;
  • in the location of the lymph node, a seal is felt and its size increases;
  • there are headaches, lethargy and weakness;
  • the temperature rises.

And how do lymph nodes hurt in the groin? Pain in inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes is determined by the presence of painful swelling in the groin, on the left or right side. It is accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes in size, which causes discomfort when walking and other movements. In addition to the fact that the lymph nodes themselves are sick, there may be an increase in body temperature, intoxication, pulling pains in the lower abdomen.

About what actions to take in each case, you learn from our article What to do if the lymph node has inflamed.

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