The lymphatic system was discovered in the AncientGreece. Then the lymph was called living water. Now it is known that the lymphatic system is a network that has the entire length of the lymph nodes. In this article we will consider what are the lymph nodes, what function they perform, and also find out where the lymph nodes are and how many they are in the body.

What are the lymph nodes?

In medicine, it is commonly believed that the lymph node is a complex organ that acts as a biological filter.

Lymph nodes are a kind ofconnecting capsule. Inside the capsule there are many branches. Thin branches branch into thick ones, called gates. Through the thick branches of the lymph node, nerve endings on the artery enter. Through the thick branches of the nodes, veins and lymphatic vessels exit. The space that exists between the gate and the thin branches is filled with the so-called stroma. Stroma is a connective tissue. This tissue is the basis of the lymph node.

The role of lymph nodes

Through the lymph nodes passes the lymph. This fluid carries antibodies and cleanses the body of foreign substances. Lymph nodes act as a filter that collects the lymph of the allotted site. Among the foreign bodies that clears the lymph nodes, there may be bacteria and cells that are able to degenerate into cancerous cells.

When a person gets cold or becomes infected with a virus, the load on the lymph nodes increases. As a consequence, the lymph nodes themselves increase.

Alarm functions

Lymph nodes are able to play the role of a signaling device in the human body. In medicine, it is common to distinguish three states of lymph nodes:

  1. The first state is enlargedlymph nodes that do not give pain signals. In this case, most likely, in the area where the lymph nodes are located a virus or pathogenic bacteria is located.
  2. The second condition of the lymph nodes is inflamed lymph nodes that give pain signals. This is a signal of weakened immunity.
  3. Finally, the third state of the lymph nodes is characterized by a slow-moving formation, the so-called soldered lymph nodes, which are a sign of the presence of a tumor.

At the same time, doctors note that increasedlymph nodes can be a signal of a variety of diseases. Therefore, when enlarging the lymph nodes, it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor in cases where there are no other symptoms that are characteristic of a cold or flu.

Where are the lymph nodes?

At the moment it is known that in the bodyThere are 400 to 1,000 lymph nodes per person. Lymphonoduses are located in clusters in important parts of the body, for example, in the abdominal, thoracic cavity, axillary cavity, in the lower jaw, and so on.

Thus, the lymph nodes are not onlybiological filter, but also play the role of a signaling device in the human body. At the moment, it is known that the treatment of lymph nodes is very important for the body, since if their condition worsens, surgery will be necessary. This can adversely affect the condition of the body in the future, because without lymph nodes the body loses the ability to filter.

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