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Where are the lymph nodes?

Not everyone thinks what they representlymph nodes and where they are located, and meanwhile, these formations perform very important functions in our body. Let's figure out where the lymph nodes are and what their role in the human body is.

The role of lymph nodes in the human body

The lymph node is a peripheral organlymphatic system, which performs the function of a biofilter: through it lymph flows, which comes from various organs. Lymph nodes are round and oval in shape (with some variations), they are pinkish gray and have a size of 0.5 to 50 mm. (this depends on the body weight). They are clustered up to 10 pieces near the blood vessels, most often near large veins.

The role of lymph nodes in the human body is enormous,because it is the most effective barrier that protects the body from infections and cancers. In these nodes, lymphocytes are formed - special cells involved in the destruction of foreign bacteria and microbes.

Groups of lymph nodes and their location

Lymph nodes are located throughout the human bodyso as to be an obstacle to all kinds of infections and cancer cells. Note the 3 most important types of lymph nodes: cervical, axillary and inguinal. All of them are responsible for the collection of lymph from specific areas, so the degree of lymph node enlargement can be used to diagnose the place of inflammation.

Where are the lymph nodes in the neck?

Cervical lymph nodes provide protection from infectionsin the neck and head. Determine the location of the cervical lymph nodes is easy, especially if they are inflamed. With inflammation, the lymph node increases, and when pressure is applied, painful sensations are observed. The pain is also manifested with sharp turns of the head, and it can be uncomfortable to swallow a person. Lymphonoduses resemble small balls in shape and are easily felt on the neck.

To do this, wrap your fingers around the neck under the bottomjaw and swallow - with the forefinger and thumbs, you can feel the location of the lymph nodes on the neck. If at the same time you do not feel painful sensations when pressing, there is nothing to worry about. If there is a small seal and the lumps are probed, when pressing on which pain appears, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. Inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes can be associated with various exacerbations in the body, the simplest is the acute respiratory disease, influenza, ear, nose, throat and head diseases. Other options are more serious, so do not delay the visit to the doctor.

Where are the axillary lymph nodes

Axillary lymph nodes are located undermice, and also on different sides of the chest from the side, have a size not larger than a pea and are not probed. They can be divided into 3 groups: above, below and side of the small pectoral muscle. The inflamed lymph node is easily palpable, with severe inflammation causes pain, which may indicate progression of cancer or breast diseases.

The presence of the following symptoms indicatesinfections in the body: headache, decreased appetite, nausea, fever. If you find an inflamed lymph node under your arm, do not panic immediately, this may be a consequence of a recent cold.

Where are the lymph nodes in the groin

Inguinal lymph nodes are located on the side ofpubic bone, on the inside of the thigh, between the legs and the genitals. They are probed as small balls. Inguinal lymph nodes are responsible for the legs, perineum, peritoneum, as well as for the genitals. With inflammation of these lymph nodes during walking, discomfort and even pain may occur. With enlarged inguinal lymph nodes it is worth immediately contacting a specialist and finding out the cause of the infection, as often such inflammation can be associated with oncology.

In the article we told you about the location andfunctions of lymph nodes, and if you want to know about the causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes, we advise you to read our article. Why do lymph nodes become inflamed? And one more article will help you in diagnosis and treatment. It is called What to do if the lymph node is inflamed.

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