A person has more than 150 groupslymph nodes. These organs are very important for the human body, as they filter lymph, preventing the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. How do lymph nodes look? Lymph nodes are round or oval in shape. The size is from 0.5 mm to 1 cm. However, some lymph nodes are more impressive in size. The color of the lymph nodes is white or gray. In the human body lymph nodes are arranged in groups of 8-10 pieces. This is a complex, interconnected structure, consisting of connective tissue. Due to this composition, the lymph easily flows through the lymph nodes and is cleaned in them.

Immunological cells of the human bodyripen in the lymph nodes. In addition, white cells of blood are activated in these cells to fight various infections. Therefore, if a large number of bacteria or viruses enter the human body, the lymph nodes begin to work hard to fight them. The body triggers a very complex natural process, in the lymph nodes the production of white cells increases, which destroy all harmful microorganisms. Thus, the lymph nodes are a kind of "guardian" of our body, and prevent the development of various complex diseases.

How the inflamed lymph nodes look

Inflamed lymph nodes are accompanied by the followingsymptoms: increase and soreness of lymph nodes, weakness, headache, fever. If there are intense pain and redness of the skin at the site of the lymph node, this may indicate that there is an abscess in the nodes themselves. If, in addition, the general condition worsens (weakness, chills, fever), development of purulent lymphadenitis is possible.

How the enlarged lymph nodes look

The size of the enlarged lymph node canto vary from the size of small beans to the size of a walnut. Often, they are detected by a slightly prominent portion of the skin on the neck or in the armpit. The simplest and most reliable way to determine the enlargement of the lymph node is palpation. If you feel pain when you press it, it means that the lymph node is enlarged due to some infection.

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