When there is inflammation ordiseases in the body, immediately activated lymph nodes. They become inflamed, and this process is often accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations. Not many people know what to do if the lymph node has become inflamed and how to treat it.

Self-treatment of the lymph node is directly relatedwith the severity of the infection that caused the inflammation. Lymphonoduses are important elements of the lymphatic system. They perform the role of filters in the body. When an infection gets into the body, all the painful trace elements settle in the lymph nodes, where white blood cells destroy them. If the infection proves to be very strong, the lymph nodes begin to work particularly actively, which causes them to become inflamed. If you want to cure it, you should first cope with the disease itself.

When to treat lymph nodes

Before you get rid of the pain, you needcorrectly and in time to identify the cause of their appearance. Do it at home is difficult. Therefore, when the first symptoms of tenderness of lymph nodes need to consult a specialist. Similar issues are dealt with by a surgeon, an infectious disease specialist and an oncologist.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes is most often accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • general weakness;
  • headache;
  • elevated temperature;
  • redness of the area around the lymph node.

Similar symptoms symbolize seriousnessyour condition. This can be an infectious disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, benign education and much more. Therefore, if you have the above symptoms - contact your doctor. Determine such diseases is possible only in the laboratory.

If the lymph node has increased in size, but it does not hurt at all, it is not necessary for the doctor to go. Most often it means that it works a little more intensively than others.

Treatment of lymph nodes

Now let's try to figure out what to do if the lymph nodes on the neck, in the groin or under the arm were inflamed.

On the neck

These lymph nodes are responsible for diseases of the ears, head andrespiration. Also, the increase may be due to sore throat or tooth disease. In such cases, you should definitely consult a doctor. If you have a common cold, then Echinacea will help. Dilute her infusion in the proportion of 1 to 10 (10 drops per 100 g of water) and take 3 times a day.

In the groin

In case the lymph node has become inflamed in the groin, youwill help all the same echinacea. You can also use the yellow-root powder Canadian. This herb is able to quickly sweep up inflammation. To do this, the powder should be taken on a half teaspoon 3 times a day, washed down with plain water. If the inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes is accompanied by pain, consult a doctor.

Under the armpit

What to do if the lymph node is inflamed under the arm? The above methods are suitable. It is very important to know that these lymph nodes are responsible for tumors in your body. Therefore, if you feel their increase or pain, do not be lazy and go to the doctor.

Lymphonoduses are the protective system of ourorganism, and in no case should its signals be ignored. What if the baby's lymph node has become inflamed? It is necessary to immediately contact the pediatrician. It can be a common catarrhal inflammation, or an allergic reaction, but there are cases and much more serious.

Take care of your health, and do not self-medicate, not having determined the diagnosis from a specialist.

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