In the evening you went to bed, and in the morning - foundon the neck of the tubercle. What is it? Most likely, lymph nodes were inflamed. And, what are you doing in this case? Someone immediately starts to warm them up, and many others - not knowing what to do, first find out whether it is possible to warm the lymph nodes. We will investigate this question.

Danger of warming the lymph node

If the acute inflammation process to warm uplymph nodes, they will increase even more. After all, you do not know the nature of the onset of this inflammation. If you do not want to hurt yourself, go to the doctor and he will tell you if you can warm the lymph nodes in your case. And, the causes of inflammation can be different: inflammation of the gums, viral disease, chronic inflammation of the tonsils. And, maybe, just one lymph node works more actively than others. In this case, he will come back to normal.

The danger of warming lies in the fact that heating will increase the spread of pathogenic flora. And, with the accelerated blood circulation, bacteria quickly get into the blood and spread to all organs.

Possibility of heating the lymph node

In some cases, doctors say that you canto warm lymphonoduses. For example, if there is no temperature, you can compress on alcohol or vodka, and draw an iodine grid. Remember, for the lymph node it is allowed to warm up only with dry heat. And, therefore, it is impossible to warm up with ointments.

And yet, do not test the people's means. Self-medication in this case is contraindicated. Do not delay the disease, otherwise you will have to treat the inflammation surgically.

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