If for someone the question of why it itcheseyes, does not matter in principle, it's worth dropping your carelessness. Sometimes the cause may not be fatigue or dryness of the mucosa, but progressive symptoms of the disease.

Causes due to which the eyes can be itchy

  • Allergy.This type of irritation can be aggravated during the seasonflowering plants. You can either buy an antiallergenic medicine, or think about the state of your own immunity. Self-medication is not necessary, you need to go to the doctor. First of all, visit the allergist, as soon as he can determine if you have allergies and prescribe an adequate treatment.
  • Fatigue from contact lenses. Contact lenses dry their eyes, so betterprevent disease. Buy moisturizing eye drops such as "Stilavit". If you ignore the symptom, then over time, inflammation of the conjunctiva can develop: micro-cracks can get a virus or bacteria. You can not go to the doctor only if there is no redness of the shells of the eyeball.
  • Invasion is a dangerous disease. If you experience itching in the eyelids or"Inside" the eye, then immediately hurry to the ophthalmologist. This may well be helminthic infestation - parasitic eye damage. The longer you pull, the greater the chance of an operable solution to the problem.
  • Endocrine diseases. If the eyes itch with enviable constancy, thenyou need to see a therapist. An ophthalmologist, as a specialist in a narrow profile, may not be aware of this problem. The therapist is obligated to give you a full examination of the body. There are many reasons why the eyes are itchy, and it is the doctor who must determine them.

Well, if your eyes itch are infrequent, and you just want to know about the signs associated with this, then we suggest you read the article: "What's the itchy eye?".

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